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A marriage!!!

why the hell are you here, teacher? Review Episode 2

A marriage between sato and kojima it sure is a flag on the second episode of the anime.

Ecchi scene between kojima and sato there’s been a good chemistry shown between their student teacher relationship. The scene of sato giving his shirt to kojima builds up a gentle man side of him in kojima yet his pervert thoughts makes it hilarious to watch for their chemistry.

Screen scho
Screen shot

The scene in sato’s mother’s family home is quite an tale, they showed as kojima’s has affection for sato and getting a little closer on terms. Sato’s and kojima’s in bath tub is quite memorable and the highlight to it kojima didn’t raise any objection on letting sato to see her half naked body and her breast being sucked by his little sister well, it’s all a passing cloud since they kissed and their love chemistry seems to moving on a wild chemistry. soon there seemed to be a quite an uproar on next episode.

Screen shot
Screen shot


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