Parallel paradise

Every man’s Fantasy

Parallel Paradise

A no man world where women solely lived suddenly have an unexpected visitor A MAN. Youta this manga’s main character has sent to this world of woman for no other reason than to have sex with them.

It’s an isekai manga and yet the MC have transferred to other world by someone who threw him out of the window and made it a suicide. He has been portrayed as an drug for the girls living there, one touch of his finger tip is enough to make those lass mourn in undeniable pleasure. he has to have sex with at least once with all those girls to save them from dying on age 20, it does sound unreasonable to ask of a single man to have sex with a world full of woman to save them so as an typical isekai MC he sets out on a journey to find a decisive cure for all this harem situation. he is doing those thing not for justified reason but if he didn’t he will die by having sex with all these girls on extreme horny havoc. what a cliche a man having an paradise fully to himself and decides on changing the world by killing the god of lust to remove the curse.

Manga’s illustrations of intimate scene are quite charming and story’s tryst of roll makes the readers luring into what’s next.

precedent yet unprecedented turn of events in manga gives a unique colour to the manga from a typical isekai manga. story has a big play on being an backbone for this ero manga. play of tragedies are quite warming on moving the story to next arc. This manga is filled with sexual action almost every nook of it story turns to it’s core and the story keeps upper hand on guiding the manga with it’s surprising events unfolding to the reader’s on precise time to digest the scene on most favourable way.

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