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Arte one of my favourite manga has been adopted to anime, it’s a historical drama series plates a quite thriving manga story.

In episode 1 After arte’s papa death she leaves her noble household resolve she pursue her beloved art. when her mother started trash her painting trying marry her off to another house but she doesn’t want to if she did she would regret so she doesn’t want to regret but if she should it should be her own decision with making art.

As i quoted in manga review she quits being a woman to become an artist and found leo’s workshop and gave her everything even the jobs male apprentice would consider harsh and hesitate to do. An ideal gender equality scenario. But to prove herself on a male dominated society she does work twice the amount an normal apprentice would do. she proves herself in a way quite amusing to watch and finds her true self

leo sees his past self in her and decided to give her a hand. A reckoned artist journey starts in a abandoned shed on leo’s workshop.

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