The Demon Outbreak

The Demon Outbreak   Duchess of Destruction Vol1 Ch8  #DOD #MTL As we got closer and closer to Count Besjövel’s mansion, I suddenly mentioned something that I had been wondering for a long time. 「Speaking of which, I still don’t quite get it. Earlier you mentioned about dragons and golems but do demons really exist? 」 Yes, I’m talking about dragons, golems and other demons that have been popping up in passing since a while ago. I used to play role-playing games and read a lot of light novels when I was younger, so I have a general idea of … Continue reading The Demon Outbreak

Recruitment Part 9

Recruitment Part 9. I’m op but begin an Inn Vol 6 Ch9   A/N:  This will be my first update in about a year. No – I’m sorry I can’t keep the story straight. Anyway, I wrote it all down at once. I’m sure there will be some funny parts, but I hope you will give me a warm welcome. …… Well, here you go. ­________________________________________________________ In front of the inn, where more than half of the guests could no longer even raise their voices in protest, carla’s explanation continued.   「Next, the reason for those who were accepted. If … Continue reading Recruitment Part 9

The Awakening of Devil eye

The Awakening of Devil eye  Duchess of Destruction – Chapter7 Slowly the carriage starts to move. Unlike in the past, we’re already in Fuharden, so it’s slower.  Casandra said as she held the cane in her hand, listening to the clank, clank of the wheels.   「Well, Miss Eleonora. Your Devil’s Eye of Destruction is already at work but your eye is still asleep. Once you awaken it, your eye will be able to do many things at once.」   As she speaks, the corners of Casandra’s mouth lift up. I opened my eyes wide at those words.  I feel … Continue reading The Awakening of Devil eye

The Future of Destruction

 The Future of Destruction  Duchess of Destruction – chapter 6 I got into the carriage and just as it started moving again, Casandra, who was sitting in front of me leaned forward with a gulp.   「Well then, let’s start with ……Miss Eleonora. Let me see your eyes.」   「Yeah, okay, but is it …… okay with my Devil eye?」   Still these words made my eyes wander. My eyes destroy everything. Staring at it for a dozen seconds won’t affect a person’s body, I think, but it’s still not a good idea in case it does. However, Casandra didn’t … Continue reading The Future of Destruction

The White-Eyed Witch

  The White-Eyed Witch Duchess of destruction – Chapter 5 Bartel and Linda got out of the carriage and stood in front of the old woman. I followed and got out of the carriage with trepidation. Benjamin was about to get down from his seat, but Mr. Bartel stopped him.   「Benjamin, you can stay in the driver’s seat」   「Are you sure sir, if anything should happen to Lady Eleonora? 」   Benjamin is not hiding his bewilderment at these words. As it should be, he’s also my valet and escort. Because if something happens to Eleonora, it’s his … Continue reading The White-Eyed Witch

Ruins of the Frontier

 Ruins of the Frontier Duchess of destruction – Chapter 4   As we left the meadow behind and drove the wagon, the amount of grass on the ground was decreasing rapidly. By the time the sun began to dip and we entered Besjövel territory, the surroundings were completely wilderness. Even though I’m going to be the daughter of a lord, I can’t imagine what the future holds for me in this kind of territory.  when the evening came, and the sky was dyed a madder shade of red, Benjamin, who was acting as the coachman made the horses stop.   … Continue reading Ruins of the Frontier