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Adventurer girl secret wish P-I

OPP Inn Chapter 26

after a long absence 
It's the author.
i am sorry that there isn't any updates lately i was really busy.
now i made it for the time being have a look.

I’m Luke an F class adventurer

I’m from the local district guild position, but this time I visit the castle town by a request and stay at this [the dragon emperor] inn.

I thought to return immediately if the request was actually over, but there wasn’t any travel expenses so I couldn’t return.

As an adventurer I should have spared the guards with the quest but didn’t, when a low rank adventurer like me attacked by a demon is sure to kick the bucket in a moment if i didn’t employ bodyguard

The popular request chosen comparatively safe is delivering goods (However the fact is that you can grow strong by nature)
So I pick some quests for a while to gather travel expanses starting from today in castle town
How can I stay at an inn even though when there isn’t travel expenses?

In this place you can stay at the price approximately two-thirds of the general inn by very conscientious pricing. Furthermore, it is the meal that being given, besides!! Proprietress (was a very beautiful person……, OPPAI it is large it is enviable) First of all I pay the advance payment of three days worth of rent when I negotiate in because a consecutive stay was to be possible.

By the way, this time it is a mysterious experience at this inn that I can say.

「「「「What a wonderful meal 」」」」

「Mr. it’s lame」

These exchanges are to be a common usage when I eat at an inn. The adventurer who was going to eat a dish has been picked out by force without performing a shout called [I have] in the yesterday’s supper
after breakfast, an adventurer other than me goes out to request more, the proprietress spoke to me

「Certainly you are a adventurer? You said you were going to make a way, but you’re not going to get a request? 」

「Oh, yes, I’m a F-class adventurer so I can’t perform the subjugation requests because it’s dangerous, So I have to take the request of a simple delivery thing and to earn experience value steadily. 」

It seems that this proprietress is also an ex-adventurer,(but it doesn’t look like that at all…) These word of mine came with a surprised face.
Something happened?

「… You have to graduate from school to become an adventurer, so you must be strong enough?」

「Oh, there is a school system in the Kingdom’s Capital Guild, but in provinces have not been established yet. If you submit a document to a guild, you can become a G-class adventurer there. So there are many adventurers who are not very strong like me….」

「……………… What? 」

「The explanation of the Guild is simple when you get the class G, the knowledge of the adventurer, and various explanations such as the receiver of the request, magic theory is performed is explained, after the method of treatment of the wounds in the emergency is explained, the request normally………….. What happened? 」

The proprietress got down on a knee suddenly when I explained it and has bowed her head
I’m afraid I can’t hear you complaining about something in this state of the neck.

Before long, I came up with some conclusions in myself, and I stood up and turned a expressionless face here.

[I think that it is more beautiful if you laugh……. ]

「I’m sorry, I’ve shown you a strange face.」

「No, I’m sure the same reaction will be made by the Kingdoms capital guild」

「So It was good. And? You’re not going to take request? 」

「 Oh, yes. I was talking about this」

「 There will be many request for delivering goods in afternoon
I will relax here until about the daytime even if I go in morning there won’t be many request」

Answer from the proprietress to these words was a door to the mysterious world.

10 thoughts on “Adventurer girl secret wish P-I

  1. Would like to thank you for picking up this series since it’s one of those that got me into reading online through novelupdates.
    Aside from that, I’d hope that you are able to find people to help you with translating and editting since we all know that mtl can ruin a novel.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I would like to apologise for the inconvenience, though the chapter release has been rushed so, there wasn’t any real time for in depth editing and proof reading Alas! I assure you future updates will be much more refined.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Translator/author – can you either let a fan grammar-check this or check it yourself? Some sentences have to be rearranged and the time is completely screwed. Still, ty for the chappy~ Been a while, huh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not even sure what some of the sentences are supposed to mean so you need a proofreader who checks the meaning of the sentences too (that person would obviously need to understand Japanese). Is this MTL (Machine translated)?


      1. Since I can’t edit a second reply – this website is mainly MTL so that’s that, I guess. Can I volunteer to at least try to make sense of what the sentences mean to correct it? Sadly I can’t proofread but hey, grammar is a good beginning, isn’t it?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes, we would like the help I can get please reach us on contact section with your free time available with your country’s standard time ⌚ zone


    2. I am not proficient in Japanese so, can’t form a sentence with apt meaning with just some scrambled verbs and nouns and most of the machines translated dialogue has repeated with same meaning twice or thrice So, we will make due respect for your concern make it more polished in future releases. Thank you


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