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Appearance of Goddess Ex-boyfriend!? Part 1 Episode 2

I’m OP but begin an Inn Volume 5 chapter 10 (31)
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It's the author 
Story talk is not settled so update has become slow. 
Now, it is a continuation of the previous story

I’m sorry for my selfishness, but Inn will be closed today for my personal reason.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to everyone who has visited the inn, but thank you for your understanding.

INN owner

Carla Gryce

「….What!!, the hell aaaaaaaaaah」

Today, I came to the inn from the morning to surprise carla a little since i had free time without any audience, but I was surprised by the paper put in front of the inn.

「That!? You’re lying!? I’m not believing such story!? 」

she may have  forgot to tell me? I aimed at the one-way to guild to confirm the truth of the matter while thinking.

「carlaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! If you’re there, come out,!!!! 」

The voice of the usually unfamiliar man who called her name echoed inside the guild.

All the adventurers who gave a glance to the man who shouted are hardened like a statue of surprise.

「This is his majesty, what can I do for you today?」

The man whom they knew well walked up to King Kyle Oaklan whom all the adventurers hardened.

The tall physique the muscles that cover the whole body like steel, and the scarred face seem to tell the story of their tremendous life. There is a gentle look lurking in the back of his scarred face.

The body of the muscular bulging is pushed tightly into the suit, and the bow tie which seems to have matched with the suit might match strangely pretty, and may give stern appearance attractiveness. Though he look stern so as to seem to burst into tears only by a child looking, He is popular with children adversely.

The man who makes you feel kindness even in such a harshness is the guild master

『Pionaire Lumen』.

「Oh, Pio! Is Carla there? 」

「I think you can hear it without making such a loud voice、…… Here you go.」

「The king of the country is noisy, Aika was surprised and hardened, isn’t it?」

I walked up to the king of the country holding a solid Aika in amazement.

「 Unh? is that so I am sorry  I’m sorry, I’m sorry」

The king of the country pats Aika. Aika, who had been surprised and hardened, made a reboot by being touched by the king of the country.

「……! Mu-koko– I’m surprised.」

The aika that performed the reboot is intensifying. It’s kind of heart-warming, although it shows that he’s angry by accumulating air all over his cheeks.

「”I’m sorry, don’t get so angry. You’re ruining your pretty face, aren’t you? And if Aika hates me, I don’t have a position either」

The king’s attempt to flatter Aika seems to have eased the tension of the adventurers somewhat.

「So? Why did the king come here early in this morning? 」

「Oh! That’s right! Where did carla go!? The inn was closed.」

[What’s up? Where did carla go? I’m sure the king of the country didn’t hear it yesterday, did you? ]

「 (Didn’t she tell you yesterday?) I have a place to go tomorrow, so I’m going to make the inn a regular holiday」

I’m sure she said that. Well, i’m…

『It’s tomorrow, but… well, there’s a paper board all over the place, and you know that, don’t you?』

『What? What’s going on? 』

『Haa I have a place to go tomorrow, so I’m closing my inn in the morning』

『Well, I understand. (spoke greadily)』

『Haa.  carla that’s what she said.』

『Yes, I heard it from my master.』

『Yes, then, please Do a poster for the time being in front of the inn 』

yes, that’s what she said No matter how anyone hears it, I’m telling you.

「”No, you’re not listening right, are you?” Are you sure she were saying that? 」

「she said It’s because the king of the country will give you a live reply」

Alternative : She can give his majesty an answer directly

「unh? is that so?  whatever I think it’s a lot for carla to close the inn.」

「Huh? Don’t  you know? 」

「… What Is It? 」

The king was watching with the expression that I do not understand well.

「Do you know what day is today? 」

「?? is There something? Their Christmas Festival is quite ahead. In particular, there should be no per event? 」

「 whaaaaaaaaaaa  Today is carla chan’s natural birthday 」

I breathe a grand sigh and tell it to the king.



「 …………. What iiiiiiiiiiyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyoyo」

Opened between several seconds, and the second great exclamation echoed today in guild 

「did you calm down?」

「It’s noisy」

What do you mean, we came bringing the noisy king of the country to 『The Garden of Joy』. Because it fits well in the work of the guild, it is acquaintance with the inn keeper

「Carla’s birthday? That’s the first time I’ve heard of it. If I had known, I would have celebrated a lot……」

「Well, carla-chan isn’t the type of girl who says that much」

「Even so, where did carla go even though it was her birthday?」

「Oh, that’s right, Carla is always going to her ex-boyfriend on this day, isn’t she?」

……. whack

「…… am I hearing some hallucinations. I’m sorry, but could you say it again? 」

「…… So, you’re saying carla-chan’s see her ex-boyfriend today, right? It seems to be hard to say for myself, and I think that there is considerably regret. 」

「what?… if that’s the case」

The king of the country began to get tired somehow. It’s a bad sign.

「Well, it’s my master’s information, and I don’t know if it’s true or not.」

「……. so」


「……. so」

「What is it?”」

「I got to meet him!!!!!. i will get the story!! 」

We parent and child chase the king who started to run suddenly in a hurry.

「umm mr. king ? but my master is still working? 」

Yes, it is the master appearance in the next episode

Author’s end note 
you may have been already guessed the ending so far. 
Because an author is a man betraying expectation,please be careful.
And the guild master who appeared secretly.  
The author did not think about his appearance, too. Why did he come out!?  
Well, it will still continue, but in the next episode.

thank you very much for patronage

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