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Appearance of goddess’s Ex Part 1

Appearance of goddess’s Ex Part I – Vol 5 Chapter 9

Author’s note

Thank you.

I did it over here. after increasing the number of employees. It’s a little short, but please.

「We are sorry, but we cannot make a reservation on that day.」

I know it’s selfish, but it just don’t work on that day.

「I’m sorry I cannot have you stay today」

There is no excuse for customers who have applied for consecutive nights, but there is nothing to do about this.

Once a year I always go to a certain place by all means. The place is far away, and it takes 6 hours to go back and forth. If you want to go to such a place, you have to close the inn.

What? Why don’t you use cheat ability?

…… You don’t want to use cheat abilities just for some places.

Therefore, the inn does not work now when I am the only worker.

…… Do you want to increase the number of employees? It’s not much of a monopoly on technology these days.

Well…… , I’ll put it out on the paper of the employee recruitment next time.

I kept apologizing to the customer while thinking about that Tomorrow is the day of the year finally.

9 thoughts on “Appearance of goddess’s Ex Part 1

  1. I thought it was just like 10 sentences and then I saw that there’s page 1/2 and 3. Thanks for the chapter(part).


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