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Appearance of Goddess’s EX Part I Final episode

Hi, I'm the author.
This is the final episode of Ex-Boyfriend.
I packed a lot of stuff in it.
Here you go.

I’m Op but begin an inn Volume 5 Chapter 12

kyle came running out as close to visual range as he could get. Let’s see, how do I explain this one?

「Hey, Let’s pretend we’re siblings, is that okay with you? 」

For now, I’m going to make a suggestion.

「I don’t care, Me being your sibling are a little interesting, after all.」

It was surprisingly easy to accept. Well, I thought this lass, who likes interesting things, would be able to do this much…

「Come… on… come on…」

kyle scurries out while scattering the Doppler Effect.

「Let’s be there」

With the momentum that came rushing in, kyle hit the improvised brothers standing next to her. The fist did not reach and cut through the sky in vain.

kyle had been dodged with her body, corrected his trajectory as he slammed into the stone behind us and struck again. The agility will not be avoided this time by a word of the masterpiece.





「”What? What?」

kyle’s hand, stretched out to inevitably grab the breastplate, seemed to have grabbed something different.

「Carla… in this case, I think it’s more interesting to scream. 」


「Well, it’s going to be somewhat interesting, isn’t it?」

「Let’s see… a little M.」

「”Yes, then、………… Aha aaaaaaaaa!!!!!aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa (laughs)」

The woman who bites the loudest scream. kyle didn’t understand the meaning and couldn’t let go of the hand he’d grabbed.

…Hey, if you don’t let go of me, you’re just a pervert, okay?—…… Hey, you’re just a pervert if you don’t let go, right?

After that, there was kyle kept looking at the three who were catching up with him like they were looking at a pervert.

LN Volume 2 illustration

「 sister!」

「Yes, she is my sister」

At my words in return, everyone who had come here sounded surprised. Well, even I’d be surprised if the story of having a sister was an impromptu one I just made up. And this guy…..

「I’m Usin, and I’m all over the world, so I don’t think you’ll get a chance to meet me very often, and I’m always looking after my sister.」

Yes, it’s the Usin.

In addition to the fact that she has changed her usual rambunctious speech to a serious one, there is a sense of divine dignity in his voice.

「You must be the kyle. I hear it from carla all the time. she said that he’s the king and he doesn’t have much time to eat every day…well, he’s always happy to eat a good meal.

And, uh… — beside…

I also learned that he’s a resolute person who suddenly grabs people’s breasts.♪」

The moment he said it in a slightly jocular way, the majesty of God disappeared somewhere.

「No, that was force majeure….」— 「”No, that’s an act of god」

「I’ve never been grabbed so hard before…….. If you don’t treat them a little more gently, the girls are going to hate you, aren’t they? 」

「No, that’s why it’s…」

Ushin continues to fiddle with kyle. Isn’t it unusual for a person to be able to mess with the king so much?

Well, Ushin isn’t from this world, much less even a person………….

「Ummm…carla-chan, can I have a word with you? According to my husband at home, I’m sure you’re here to see your ex-boyfriend.」

「What? An ex? He’s not an ex, but she’s here to see the man.」

「This guy you’re talking about is…」

I point to the stone that kyle bumped into earlier, as if to control Lyrica who looks like she’s going to say “Where?

「There he is.」


「He’s under that one, to be exact. He’s no longer alive now.」

–There was an indescribable air that flowed through the place.

「Um, I’m sorry. I’ve asked something strange.」

「It’s ok.」

「Um, then why are you here?」

「— Oh, that’s …… This is my starting point, and it is the person who helped us to join the sisters. We weren’t very good friends, we sisters….」

I frame the story, though impromptu, with questions from Lyrica. That’s where the kyle fiddling ended, and Usin came in for some covering fire.

「He was my ex-boyfriend, and when I talked to him about things that weren’t going well with my sister, he said he would leave it to me… I’d say my relationship with my sister was mended or started from there.」

Ushin’s explanation is somehow strangely convincing, and Lyrica seems to have been convinced almost without question.

Anyway, don’t use your Supreme God Power in this place……..

「So,  I wondered what to do when ‘Rita’s’ birthday coincided with Carla’s birthday…. I can’t get over it right away either, so it was hard in the beginning… But Carla told me that my brother-in-law would be happy if I had a birthday party here every year, so I always come here every year.」

ushin looks a little teary-eyed.

This guy’s acting is unbelievably good. There is even a trail of tears on Lyrica’s cheeks.

I’m sorry! I’m just making this up on the fly. Because there is no such setting.

「is that so? … Oh, my God! Carla Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa」

Kyle was crying. It’s a little annoying.

「Yes, kyle… don’t cry.  …… it’s near dusk we should get home 」

It seems that the time has passed unexpectedly. It’s time to go home or we won’t be able to get to King’s Landing before the sun goes down.

「’Well, I should get going. I’ll see you next year, Well Then ☆」

With a bang, Ushin flies far into the distance. I was horrified by Ushin’s outrageous behavior, but It was disgracefully convinced by everyone (because she’s Carla’s sister).

On the way back to the royal capital, kyle suddenly started talking.

「Phew, it’s not like you were single-minded about your old man….」

「So…as I told Dick, it’s not like I’m single-minded or anything. More importantly, kyle, what happened to your political affairs while playing around at this hour?」

「Political affairs got a day off today, it was better than that~. Okay, carla, let’s get married.」

kyle spoke to me with a more serious expression than usual.

Well, my answer is pretty much settled.

「Off? Really? I didn’t think so. And you can’t marry someone who suddenly grabs a man’s sister’s chest.」

「……I’ve told you many times that it’s a force majeure.

— I guess it didn’t work out this time either…… I thought I could make it today with a couple date.」

kyle looks back while burying the demon. There was a couple and their daughter walking hand in hand, smiling as they held hands.

In the letter that Ushin sent to me later, he wrote, 《I adopted that impromptu setting as the character setting for carla-chan☆》.


I crammed it in.

It’s just a lame duck. exhausted 

I’m sorry.

Next time, I’ll write about it from the perspective of a guest who came to the inn…

See you in the next story.

3/25 I made it compatible with conversion on mobile phones.

Are you reading this page correctly, Mr. Donghae QingLongguang?

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