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Appearance of the Goddess Ex Part 1 Episode 3

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I’m op nut begin an Inn Volume 5 Chapter 11 (32)

Here comes the husband. Here you go.

”Knight Commander!” ”Is there a Knight Commander!”
King ‘Kyle-sama’ called out to the Commander of the Order with a loud voice that resounded in the filling of the hall.

「What can I do for you, Your Majesty? 」
This man who answered hurriedly was the Commander of the Order. He didn’t seem to be able to hide his surprise at being called in so suddenly.

「Oh, there you are. I’ve got a few questions I need to ask you and I’ll take you around all day, okay? 」
Saying that, Kyle showed Lyrica and Aika who had caught up with him from behind.
The Knight Commander understood by the action.
「’Huh, I see that’s how it is. That’s fine, but please be careful. Please don’t let him get hurt or anything like that.」
「I know, don’t worry about it.」

Kyle answers the words of the Commander of the Knights with heart to the words. The fierceness of the days when he had been an adventurer was brought back to his face.

The place is in the middle of the grasslands of Maltese, Carla was with a certain person.

「It’s been a while.」

「Ah, it’s been a while. Just like a year or so? 」

The figure standing beside Carla is about the same height as Carla, a little shorter than Carla but with blonde hair stretched to his waist.

「I haven’t seen you in a while, but you’ve gained some weight, haven’t you?」

「What are you talking about, I can’t be fat!」

「I’m joking, I’m joking.」

It would be unusual for a Carla who doesn’t usually smile to show such a carefree smile.

「Still, it’s unusual today that you would bring people here.」


「Did you notice that we’re pretty far away, but there’s a group coming towards us….’」

Carla, who senses the magic emanating from the creature, was surprised by the approaching group, albeit from a considerable distance. I was surprised because no one had ever followed me before, and I knew the group of people.

「Why are they………….?」

Carla, who was appalled by her own charm, had no idea why they were approaching her.

At the West Gate, the King’s party, with Dick as a half-forced escort, headed on way to the grasslands of Maltese.

「’Hey, Dick! Are you sure Carla has left the West Gate? she leave every year?’」

「That’s what I’m saying……….. Since Carla-chan came to this royal city… I’ve been watching it every year for about five years now. Of course, there were a few times when she had to leave on other business….. I’m sure Carla-chan’s will be leaving for birthday every year.」

「How do you know Carla’s birthday is a very interesting case, but let’s leave it for now. …. more than that, is it true that Carla is with her ex?」

Kyle goes on down the road, questioning Dick, who says he sees Carla at the West Gate every year. In the places that Carla would have gone through, there were plenty of demon-buried aftermaths, so they didn’t get lost.

「That’s right~. I always see her on this day every year, so I called out to her once when I was in my third year or so. 『Where do you go every year? 』I asked….. She said, 『It’s the grassland of Maltai 』 was always said with no expression, so i asked 『Why go outside even though dangerous? Alone』and then …」- 「I asked her, 『”Why are you going out there when it’s dangerous?』 I asked him, “『By yourself,』 and she said…」

「Then…what did she say? 」

The king asks, while splitting the attacking 『wolf』 in half with his sword. In the side, the figure of Lyrica cutting up the Wolf while carrying Aika, who was put to sleep magic, on her back.

「And then…the answer was 『I’m going to see an old acquaintance』…and as expected, I froze at that time…although I froze when I told Lyrica about it, too. 」

Kyle freezes up for a moment at Dick’s answer. In the meantime, the “Wolf” that attacked was struck back to the horizon by Dick’s thick and wide rigid sword.

「Seriously….. She’s so single-minded, that Carla lass….. That means they’re still doing it, right? That means she like him quite a bit, right? 」

「Oh, but it wasn’t like that, she said something like she had to see someone without fail…..」

「that bastard, I’m gonna hit him for sure! 」

As they talked about these things and proceeded to defeat the attacking enemy, their eyes saw a silver-haired figure and a blond figure chatting with each other in the distance.

「That’s…that’s Carla, right?」

「Yes, that’s right, Carla-chan.」

「It’s Carla- onee chan 」

「Oh, Aika, are you awake?」

From a distance it looks like Carla is smiling and Kyle’s not sure. Aika seems to have woken up from Sleep spell.

「Teko that guy next to her is the one who’s forcing Carla to do it!」

「Ah! Hey, King!」

Angry upon hearing of the man forcing Carla on him, Kyle rushed out the moment he recognized the person standing next to Carla. The realization that Carla was the person he was talking to amicably was already gone from his mind.

Yes, they are a surprisingly strong group.
Please forgive me for being sketchy in my depiction of combat.
For now, the first part of the story will be finished in the next episode.
Let’s move on to the next episode.

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