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Life of Kidan Ch01

Buy land and start farming isekai series

Therefore it began.

The life in the different world of the other world summoner Kidan has begun.

Anyway, I went to the land which I had purchased from the king.

That’s where I’m going to live, because it’s my own kingdom.

              *    *    *

「From here on, it will be the land given to you.」

The usher told me after we passed a few villages.

From here ?

It’s like wilderness as far as the eye can see ?

「The village you just passed by will be the end of our country. Ahead of here, it is a land unexplored by people. It’s just a bunch of fields and mountains, and not a single person lives here.」

The usher said in a voice with no trace of emotion.

You may call it your land and live in any place you like better than the land outside of this country. That’s the right you bought from your Majesty with ten gold coins.」

That’s nine gold coins, though.

The one gold coin left over was put to good use in preparing for living in the new land.

「In addition to the fact that it’s an untraveled, uncharted territory, it’s not exactly the territory ruled by that king, is it? Can you sell it off without permission?」

「That’s none of my business. That’s what the king said.」

usher It was awful and throwaway.

「”Well, that’s okay. It is true that the land beyond this is not our country’s territory, but that is why we are going to live in a way that has nothing to do with the country. Even if you cultivate something and harvest it on the land you live on, we don’t have to collect it as a tax on the kingdom, after all.」


「That is, if you can harvest」

You can’t do that, the cold eyes of the guide told me.

Apparently, the perception of me is like an incompetent alien who was able to get rid of the trouble well.

Ten pieces of gold coins that must be paid as a ransom are wound up well, and the body is discarded successfully in a foreign land where no one lives. It’s a great way to get the best of the best.

「I’ll be excusing myself here. From now on, we, the people will not be involved with you in any way, so please feel free to do so. whether You live or die.」

With that, the guide turned on his heel and went back the way he came from.

Goodbye and take care of yourself.

Well, the king and the people of the country seemed to be in a bad mood, so it’s a good thing that they never get involved.

Let’s enjoy a free and peaceful life in the other world without any extra strings attached.

The vast wilderness stretches out in front of me

Across the horizon, a number of mountain shadows can also be seen.

According to the guide, I can make my own land wherever i want in this unexplored land, but this world seems to be a culture of medieval Europe.

Perhaps there are more lands that are uninhabited than lands that are ruled by people.

If so, should I take up residence in a thoroughly detached place so that i wouldn’t get in trouble for associating with the people of that country again?

When i get to the point where I can’t go through this wilderness and i can’t go any further, I’ll live there as my land.

let’s move

              *    *    *

it’s here

I can’t go any further.

with the ocean right in front of me.

「It’s the end of the land…!」

It had already been a month since I left the guide and entered the untravelled area.

If you’ve walked this far thoroughly, you won’t be able to go back to the kingdom again.

I went through mountains and forests on the way back, and I’m not sure I can remember exactly the way back.

「Anyway! So this is where my new life begins…!」

I feel refreshed when I think about it.

So, this is the land that will become my kingdom today…


It was really a blank piece of land.

a new ground

There is no house and not a single person lives here. There are no signs of civilization. It’s just a wilderness that becomes nothing more.

It took me a month to reach the end of the land in an uninhabited wilderness, so it’s only natural.

Well, that’s okay.

In this way, I carved out a blank piece of land, build a house, cultivate a field, and builds my own paradise in the other world!

For some people, it’s a great adventure if you’re in a different world. You may want to unite with your friends against the odds and become a hero by defeating strong enemies, but I don’t really care about that.

Adventures and such are fine.

In my previous world, I used to play games like RPG, I enjoyed taking the initiative in levelling up rather than defeating bosses and progressing through scenarios.

As your character’s level increases, you learn new spells, and your attack power increases to the point where you can bury enemies you couldn’t defeat with a single blow.

I also like simulations of territory management, and I loved building up a golden land by governing the income, defence power, and satisfaction of the people in a given territory.

There is no such thing as an invasion.

Because it’s a bad thing.

Didn’t they teach you that in school?

What I will do when I come to other world is to create my own paradise.

I could train myself to be an unbeatable cheat, but training is sweaty and sober, and most importantly, once I’m strong enough, I have to fight someone to see what I’ve done.

It would be a nuisance for those who are challenging.

I want to enjoy the other world in peace.

That’s why I took advantage of the king’s hi-jinks and won this undiscovered land!

「It’s worth exploring, isn’t it, because it’s so uncivilized…?」

I decided to think.

Let us now keep this wasteland burned in our eyes.

When this place became a paradise, to think back to the landscape of beginnings and grin, “I’ve made it this far!

「i should get to work right on that?」

I lighten the load I’ve been carrying here and spread it out at my feet.

It was a set of pioneering tools, so to speak, that i had bought it in the royal capital before depart to this place.

Agricultural tools such as a hoe and sickle. Carpenter’s tools such as hammers and nails. Sewing tools, such as needles and thread, etc.

Out of the ten gold coins that were first gifted to me, I managed them with the one gold coin I had left.

Should we be impressed with the value of a gold coin that can buy such a large amount of tool, even just one piece? Or should we look at the fact that a single gold coin did not provide a very good selection… and we had to prioritize quantity over quality?

In fact, the farming and carpentry tools I had bought were not of very good quality, but only for the poorest of the poor.

This is not a very efficient way to work, but this too can be developed little by little.

This is where it all begins.

My life on another world.

              *    *    *

If someone were to watch my actions so far, they might think, 「Are you an idiot ?」

He blazes a trail of wilderness and builds a paradise.

It will be pleasant too.

However, there are times when it’s not enough to have fun in this world.

Pioneering is a major undertaking that many people have risked their lives to accomplish since ancient times, and it was accomplished after accumulating a lot of corpses.

I don’t think it’s easy for a man who has no idea what he’s capable of doing.

Don’t let the pioneers like that get away .

Don’t worry.

I’m well aware of the difficulty of the actual frontier work.

So now is the time to show it off.

I was judged to be ‘unskilled’ by the priests of the kingdom.

I’ve got no skills.

A Gift

A gift from God.

Not what God has given me, but what God has gifted me with.

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