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Magical song Part I

I’m OPP but begin an inn Vol 5 chapter 5 (chapter 28)
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considerably two title request were acquired Here we go then.

Magical song – Part I (Vol 5 CH 7)

[Are you the entertainer?]
The master of the inn asked us.

「It was like that, but it’s been a long time lately….. Before going to work can I sit down a little? , How is this? I don’t say it every day, so can you let us sing? 」

We desperately need to promote us if this isn’t good, I have no choice but to stop singing

I and he were travelling artists. I didn’t mean that, we haven’t quite yet.
I have continued in the style of the combination that I sing and he plays “Gilta”, but recently the number of entertainers who can do both is increasing, and the art in the combination like ours is becoming high in terms of cost and it is becoming more and more shunned.
At first I thought I’d do both, but I couldn’t get a good voice if I didn’t concentrate on the song, and he was devastatingly bad at the song in such a combination we were getting less and less work, and I even thought that we would not be able to get older as like this .
Then we discussed to quit being a travelling artist and to be a little show artist singing in an INN as a employee.
I spent most of my rest of the money from a local town, and finally we wanted to get to King’s Landing and get a job, but they have a contract with an artist who works as a solo artist everywhere. We didn’t even have a contract with us who could only show gilta and song.
Then, when I went to ask the guild if there was any good place to stay, they recommended “Dragon Emperor’s Inn”.

「Hmm…. As you can see, it’s not a big hotel」

「It doesn’t matter for even a day!! If you can let us sing a song somehow.」

「Well, it doesn’t take up space to sing, but I don’t understand your ability, Do you both sing? 」

The reaction of the inn might be reasonable, and it is unpleasant only to think that we fails to hire by person who does not understand our ability

「I’m the only one who sings. He’s got gilta.」

「Gilta… Is it? 」

「”Yes” he said, Gilta! If you don’t understand my talent, I’ll sing it now, so you can judge it and tell me. 」

We desperately pleaded

We have told that there were no availability only Dragon emperor’s inn which does not have a contract with the artist at the inn in King’s Capital.

「Well, unlike a one-day traveller, I’d like to see it once as an entertainer who has a contract to come to this hotel.」

The master gave an answer I think that is quite good

We proceed with preparations while being quite nervous.

The 「Gilta」 instrument is a musical instrument with six threads attached to a hollow tree, and is a reproduction of the instrument found in a mural of an ancient site excavated a decade ago.

It is an instrument that can produce various tones by changing the thickness of six threads and the strength of the tension, and has come to be played well in the party of the aristocracy recently.

When we finished preparing to show our skills to the master at the inn, we were surrounded by a different tension. When I got to the singing position, he was ready.

[Gilta] vertically.

At that moment, there was an indescribable air from the master of the inn, but we were nervous and couldn’t notice it.


I start to sing while I’m nervous.


We sang a relatively short song that we were good at, but perhaps because we were more nervous than usual our voice turned over twice, and he was upset or made a lot of mistakes.

Well, I can’t sign a contract here, so I looked at him and said,

「Can I have a moment? Does Gilta always plays like that? 」

I got a question from the master

「…… What? Oh, yes, I’m definitely playing this way rather than usual. Gilta’s way of playing is like this!! It is derived from the picture of the mural, and is there a different way of playing? 」

What is the master saying? Is it more likely to pass?

「Yes, well, it’s kind of a strange way to play. Do you mind if I have you sing today? 」

「……!! is It true! Thank you very much!! 」

I didn’t get an answer, but it doesn’t matter.

I was so happy with the master’s words.

「Yes, the voice was a little bit turned over, but it was a good voice with a sense of transparency. Well I have to negotiate a lot of things such as the appearance fee. Is it good to stay at this hotel today? 」

「Thank you very much!!!」

Not only was we able to serve, but we also prepared a place to stay.

Thank you very much.

The subsequent performance fee negotiations were also surprisingly high.
Still I don’t make an excuse so much if I get it!
It is written as the first part, but it is the atmosphere which ended somehow.
But it is the first part.
i follow
If you have a good intuition, you might know what kind of story.
But I write it.
As for the next story thanking you in advance.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter….

    Btw , is this chapter haven’t been edited yet?
    .because when i try to check the raw , the gilta was actually read as Guitar…


    1. yes i tried to edit like that but all the translation source translated it as gilta i thought different world different name that’s why. in raw the name spelled as giruta so i couldn’t verify it


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