Couple of man Part 2

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OPP Inn Volume 5 Chapter 15 – Couple of man Part 2
Here you go.

Robber 2 has been paralyzed by the consumption of spiritual energy by the last magic shot. The other person rushed in without checking what was happening in a hurry.

「! ? I don’t know what you have done, but be prepared, this Mithril knife can cut through anything.」

The robber is few steps away holding a mithril knife tightly in his hand.

(But a mithril knife that cuts through everything…)

The robber closes the distance in front of me and thrusts out a knife. The speed he is able to close the gap, the speed at which he swings his knife, it seems that he was not a level 43 adventurer on his own.


The pen caught the blow with the knife that was launched at me. Yes, with a quill pen as you may have guessed from the sound.

「It was a great deal of you to tear anything . . . But since you can’t even cut a pen like this, wouldn’t it be better to retract your insistence on slashing everything?」

I said with a little sarcasm.

「….!! You caught it! This is a decoy! 」

He seemed to have drawn attention with a knife. Looking closely, I saw that the knife was not made of mithril, but of iron, and, moreover, of low hardness. This will only do a little harm to people.

Even so, at the point where they can’t cut the quill. they don’t realize what’s wrong, do they? Well, they must be upset.

Robber 1 is checking the material of the knife, and he swings down his sword aiming at my neck as if to impede my blind spot.

「Well, it’s an understandable fact, but…」

「………what? 」


LN illustration

The sword was stopped by the pen again, inches before it hit my neck.

「…Huh? 」

You have to use a decoy to attack from a blind spot. It’s a common modus operandi used by scumbags.
「But it’s too late for me to think that I’ve made room for it and yet I can’t even respond at that moment.」

「You can’t fool me… this sword unlike my knife, is made of Mithril!? Why? 」

「Since you won’t see me again, I’ll tell you a good thing, and these can make scratches in Mithril. This pen is made from the feathers of the 『Glorious Phoenix』.

So, Mr. Robber…… I hope you will be very remorseful in the castle jail 」.

She left those words and slowly moved closer to the man. The man, driven by fear, ran away.

「 『 Close』」.

A short muttered magic spell. With this, the door of the inn had shut itself

— Bam bam!!

Robber kicks up trying to break down a door. But that door is now as solid as an orihalcon.

He must be very surprised that it was just a wooden door when they walked in. It’s made by 【Mittal Bello】!!

The man was so agitated that the door would not open ran toward the window. (Well, it’s a bad thing to do).


The man jumped out to smash through the window, but was bounced by the window in reverse.


「It’s not glass, it’s Gornigone’s scales…..」

「Why, what’s this inn? aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!」

As soon as I muttered that in his ear, the robber started yelling loudly. It’s a little loud.


The loud screams that echoed through the innkeepers didn’t echo afterwards.

「. . . Have I spent unnecessary time there? . . . We have to clean up quickly for our customers! 」

For starters I picked up the knife he had and waved to the side. The knife he had wielded had disappeared into the void except where he had grabbed it.

「Carla, are you here! 」

「Welcome to 『Dragon emperor’s inn』. …what’s the matter Ange? , Why are you so panicked? 」

「No, I got a report that the men who seemed to be the perpetrators of the consecutive robberies targeting the inn were coming to The King’s Landing. You’re having a good inn going, so I’m here to give you a word of advice. Who are these guys? 」

It was Angelica, who I had been paired up when we were student entered with swiftness. I wondered what kind of incident it was because she ran in with terrible haste, but apparently she came to tell me about the crisis. She has been a good friend since her school days.

「Well, they’re serial robbers. It looks like we’re the first inn they came to in King’s Landing, right? 」

「Well, is that so? I was going to advise you not to overdo it but it seems to have been late. So, what do we do with these people? 」

She didn’t come here to worry about me, she came here to worry about the robbers. . . . A really good friend.

「It would be great if you could take them to the castle because they would be in the way, even if I left them there… but I have a lot of preparations to make in order to welcome our guests.」

「I get it these people will be taken care of by this 『Angelica Hondenkruff』.」

「Thank you, I look forward to it.」

Angelica walked out carrying the two men who were still unconscious. It’s Angelica, so they are to be delivered to the castle for sure. I’ll have to make a meal for her later…

After that, I could see Carla and Angelika speaking happily in a more beautiful inn than usual, 30% more so.
I repelled him.
I hope I'm portraying it well…..
I hope I'm portraying it well….. \ Also, here's Angelica's appearance.
A new character. (In the main volume) \ (In the main story.)
Now what shall I write next………… The flag of the ring…… shall I leave it alone for now?
I'm thinking about talking about it, though.
I'm going to increase the number of employees in due course.
See you in the next story.
3/25 Corrected to "To meet" and "To meet".
Thank you for pointing this out.

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