OPP INN LN VOL 2 illustrationLN VOL 2 illustration

Recruitment Part 3

It was a morning at the beginning of the month, two weeks after I had posted my message on the information network at the guild. I woke up to more noise and bustle than usual.

Hmm? I am getting up later than usual, aren’t I? That’s probably so, because the inn is on holiday from today and I have to do exams and training. The exam is scheduled to take place at 10 in the morning and for the first time in a long time (maybe in about three years?) I thought I could get some restful sleep……

It’s utterly noisy. What on earth is all the fuss about off the main road like this? Let’s shut them up for a minute. ……

I dressed myself up and went outside. In case you haven’t noticed, it’s now 7am.


(What is this?)

There was a sea of people there. I wonder if there are more people here than at the school entrance exam I took. I mean, where’s the edge?

Is there a festival going on? There are many people you can see in the royal capital but there are even beast men. Oh, I found Rika san.


「puwah!! I thought I was going to die. Thanks Carla chan.」

Rika san half crying and thanking me. I have to ask what all the fuss is about.

「 Rika san, what the hell is going on here? 」

「They’re all people who came to take the exam at Carla chan’s inn」

「 Eh, there’s too many of them and the exam is scheduled to start at ten! 」

「I didn’t put the start time of the test in the information network. I think they all figured the sooner they got here the better off they’d be.」

「What? ……!」

(Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever specified a time: ……)

It was an astounding revelation I’ve just realized.

「What do you want to do start the exam a little early? Or rather can you finish the exam quickly and put an end to this ruckus? Because of this ruckus I’ve been driven out of the guild too.」

「That’s right. I don’t care what Rika san’s convenience is but it’s going to be a problem for your neighbours if you keep this up. It’s early but let’s get started, shall we? Now Rika san, please pass out these numbered cards as you see fit.」

Then she hands the number tag to Rika san. At first, I was planning to use this as a waiting list but I couldn’t say so when so many people came. We don’t even know who came first so, we’ll have to pick our order by lottery or…….

「”Ladies and gentlemen…//I kept you waiting, everyone I’d like to start the interview process. The number on the number card that the guild staff is handing out now will be your examination number. Let’s take a look at this magic ball. Please enter the inn from the number that will be shown here. We’re going to test you.」

As I explained the hustle and bustle that had been so noisy gradually quieted down. By the way, I didn’t shout when I explained because I’ll be a nuisance to my neighbours. ……

So you’re probably wondering how I got my voice across but that’s something you can do with magic. It’s a magic only I can use so I don’t think anyone else can.

Also the number tags were only made up to 100 so, I made them up in a hurry. Unexpectedly so many people showed up.

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