School Entrance

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I’m op But Begin an Inn Side story 1

Entrance to school

this is the first episode of inn biography

Here you go.

Have a good day.

In contrast to the light-hearted voice, the『carla・Gryce』left the inn with a sinking feeling.

『carla・Gryce』, a beautiful woman who walks in a sunken stupor

She is a “former male cross-world tripper”!

His name is Ryuta Takahashi, before the trip.

As you can tell from his name, he was a 28 year old man who lived in modern Japan and lived reasonably well as a working man.

He was sent to a different world by the power of Saiko Ushin, the supreme god.

But the reason he (she?) is blue isn’t because he’s become a woman in any way.

In addition, Ryuta asked himself to be made into a woman, so it’s only natural…..

There was another reason why she is depressed.

With a shade of dazzling beauty she wandered off to her destination.


The only thing that came out of Carla’s mouth when she left the innkeeper’s “Garden of Joy” was a sigh.

However, I guess you could say that a sigh is worth spilling. What is so sad that I have to be a student again?

I want you to think about it. he died suddenly at the age of 28, when he graduated from school, and his social life was a part of society, and for some reason he got cheesy abilities from God,, but he was sent to a peaceful world, and when he thought that he could live in peace, he was told that he couldn’t start an inn unless he became an adventurer, and that if he wanted to become an adventurer, he had to become a student in order to get the minimum qualifications…

It’s a good place to turn around.

(When can I really become a landlord at the inn?)

Carla was disgusted by this tubing condition.

「Even a crazy student will pass the exam.

This body is a Cheeto, so it should be fine.」

Carla’s quick change of heart was the best.

“I heard from the owner of the “”Garden of Joy”” yesterday that the building right after entering the training district was a human resource training school, which was located just opposite from the guild, centered in the capital of Krunkran, and I could get there without hesitation, but I was at a loss for the important school. “

I don’t mean that ‘the admission desk wasn’t open,’ but it’s the number of people who came to the entrance desk.

There was a rush of people who must have lightly exceeded three hundred before the reception.

(Is this all students who want to attend school? Too many people, right?)

In the end, at the top of the wall, at what appears to be the reception counter, there is a clerk and an applicant who is desperately holding a measuring instrument with a scale on the hand.

(what is it ? ………A hand dynamometer ?)

(…… I mean, eyesight looks so sharp at this distance and it looks pretty good.)

The man taking the measurement now has only moved one minute from the far left. I don’t know what the scale represents, but I guess it’s not a very good number.

I don’t know what the scale represents, but I guess it’s not a very good number.

「……what is he doing?」

「Oh, that’s a measure of the strength of the status quo If i couldn’t get more than a certain number out of it, I’d have to go home like that old man.」

It’s not that I don’t know what to say, but I’m sure the man beside me has picked it up.

(Why are they talking in Kansai Dialect …… It moved on.)

「 well ……… Are you familiar with this?」

「Oh my gosh! I just got one last year! I heard he’s been getting one for eight years now.

Ah, my name is Rod. I’ll give you a big thank you if you get in!」

「’Well, I’m carla. I hope you get in.」

(Oh, come on, there’s a test to get in, too! You should have explained it better.)

I continued to talk to Rod beside me while swearing at the two people who had led me to this point who weren’t here at the moment.

The time passed rather quickly because I was talking to Rod.

Before I knew it, there was no one around me who wanted to enter the school and I was the only one.

「Next, would you please relax and hold the instrument without straining?」

(You mentioned current power, I wonder what will happen since I’m a god-cheat?)

ーTake a deep breath, relax, and slowly bring your hand closer to the instrument.


  • Zugagoo OOOOOOOOo.

(eh!!……………? )

The measuring instrument blew off.

(What’s going on right now? Yay, yay.~Is it compensation?)

Carla is more concerned about compensation than the explosion of the measuring instrument, and the aunt gently talked to her.

「Oh, my God, it’s broken! I’ll clean up, so I wonder if you’ll go to the waiting class for the successful applicants.」

said the clerk’s grandma with a very good smile.

「Did I pass? I just broke the measuring instrument?」

「Yes, you passed.」

「Oh、…… Thank you very much, huh? 」

「No, you’ll find out right away if you follow the guide board in the classroom.」

The clerk’s aunt who gives the instruction accurately to me who is puzzled by a sudden passing judgment, and urges ahead.

It’s a pretty good response. Maybe there are many other cases like Carla.

I thanked her and left the place.

We’re on our way to the waiting room for the successful applicants.

What kind of encounters will be born there?

What did you think of it?

The student section has started.

In terms of time, it’s one day after the end of the three chapters of the main story.

I’ll be writing this story as well, so I hope you enjoy it.

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