Platy’s Past

BLCI #chapter_29 – Platy’s Past 「I’m sorry 」After finishing the zenzai, Platy’s brother Prince Arowana bowed his head. 「Armed forces with dragons, wisdom to make such a large storehouse and unknown dishes. None of these things are possible in this … Continue reading Platy’s Past

zenzai (red bean soup)

BLCI #chapter_28-ZENZAI Platy’s brother, Arowana. Suddenly, we invite him into our home and the hospitality begins. As soon as I showed him to our house, her brother became agitated. 「What’s this poor house? 」 He looked up at the hut … Continue reading zenzai (red bean soup)

Let's buy the land and cultivate in another world Cover

Male Mermaids

BLCI Chapter 26-Male Mermaids Mermaid Platy.My first and only partner in my pioneering life. I was fishing in the ocean and I caught a fish. I caught her while fishing in the ocean. After that, I don’t know why she … Continue reading Male Mermaids


BLCI Chapter 24-Settlement Now, then, it’s the Dragon Princess Vielle…….. After the pork steak filled me up, she challenged me to fight again as my digestion progressed and I was able to move again. Apparently, the sense of mission wavered … Continue reading Settlement