The one who calamity abide

38_The one calamity abide 「Darling! 」 A single figure jumped down from the dragon form Vielle’s shoulder. Platy. 「Thank God you’re all right. ……!」 She runs to me in a straight line and hugs me. 「I’m sorry! These demons came here because of me aren’t they? I’m sorry, because of me…! 」 Unusual Platy. Is that how responsible you feel about this situation? 「Orcbo and his friends did something about it without me getting out. Prince Arowana was there, too.…! 」 「 What? You’re here? 」 At this point, Platy finally noticed her own brother standing next to her. 「 … Continue reading The one who calamity abide

A brilliant light

BLCI #Chapter_30 – A brilliant light Thus said Prince Arowana, returning to the sea. He reported the events that occurred here to his father, the Mermaid King for his approval. We sent him off with a bunch of vegetables from … Continue reading A brilliant light

Platy’s Past

BLCI #chapter_29 – Platy’s Past 「I’m sorry 」After finishing the zenzai, Platy’s brother Prince Arowana bowed his head. 「Armed forces with dragons, wisdom to make such a large storehouse and unknown dishes. None of these things are possible in this … Continue reading Platy’s Past

zenzai (red bean soup)

BLCI #chapter_28-ZENZAI Platy’s brother, Arowana. Suddenly, we invite him into our home and the hospitality begins. As soon as I showed him to our house, her brother became agitated. 「What’s this poor house? 」 He looked up at the hut … Continue reading zenzai (red bean soup)

Let's buy the land and cultivate in another world Cover

Male Mermaids

BLCI Chapter 26-Male Mermaids Mermaid Platy.My first and only partner in my pioneering life. I was fishing in the ocean and I caught a fish. I caught her while fishing in the ocean. After that, I don’t know why she … Continue reading Male Mermaids