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BLCI #Chapter-36

My name is Asteres.
I am one of the four great generals who shine brilliantly in the Demon King’s army. They were commonly referred to as the Four Heavenly Kings.

Speaking of as four heavenly kings we are great leaders under the direct control of the Demon King, the four heavenly kings’ leader “Delirium” a stature that would make even his allies tremble if it were a battlefield.

There is always more blood on the battlefield, I’m trying to learn how much to enhance or reduce by the Demon King directives but I always generally overdo it.

The orders I was given this time were different from those I would fulfil on the battlefield. According to the Order, go get the foolish mermaid who has muddied the majesty of the demon race.

I’m the type of person who has no interest in political strategy and just wants to be on the front lines, but on the other hand, there are those who have a mother-in-law who would be willing to raise their blood to the level of conspiracy. \ but there is the temporizing person of being madly in love with it in a temporizing deception artifice with it adversely. –

They had a plan to win the mermaids over to their side.

They are a different world to us who live on the ground, the underwater dwellers have been neutral for a long time but if we can embrace them and surround the human race from both land and sea we can put an end to this long-lasting war.

It is said that this is why the diplomatic mission of the demon tribe has proposed to marry some kind of mermaid princess to the demon tribe.

The enemy is not silent either.

Some of the human race sniffed it out from somewhere and offered the mermaid as a wife to the royalty of the human race.

We, the demon tribe and the hateful human tribe once again ended up fighting each other with a female mermaid in between.
But it’s a diplomatic battle. The laurels of the winner glistened on neither.

The mermaid married a completely different person.
Both the demon race and the human race have been completely crushed in the face. The negotiators say they have quietly withdrawn, but some have lost patience with the cocky antics of these mermaids.
So, on behalf of such a faction I am the one who made the move.
It was immediately to whom the little mermaid was to be married and where she was hiding.

Peaceful mermaids, you underestimate the intelligence network of the demon race.

Well, you can’t spend a lifetime exposing the dumbest of the human race, though. That’s why I can outsmart them.
My duty was to show the saint who had raked the Mermaid from our tribe, and to murder her. They told me to get the mermaid in question.

He said I could kill all of them except the mermaid princess. Well, it’s a job for me.
It’s a bit of a run-of-the-mill job to run the first of the Four Heavenly Kings, but if he’s allowed to do what he wants, I’ll put up with it.

*    *    *

So this is where the mermaid princess hides. We came by boat because it was by the sea, but it was a very lonely place. There is no sign of anything human at all.

「The story goes that the Little Mermaid married a saint who was separated from the mundane world, so I thought that such a place is consistent with the information. “Is this a place in which the Mermaid is married to a saint who is isolated from the world?” 」

The first officer who landed with me advises. I see.
I don’t think that’s going to be a spectacular tragedy. I brought a hundred skeleton soldiers with me so that I wouldn’t miss a single one, but it was a waste of time.
Oh, well. So let’s just find this saint and kill him.
Just as I was thinking, someone appeared from inland.
Orcs and goblins?
Are they indigenous stray monsters? From their appearance and atmosphere, one could tell that they weren’t monster soldiers belonging to the Demon King’s Army.
But what’s a dozen of them?
Those orcs and goblins stared at us with suspicious expressions.

「Who are they? 」

「You landed by boat from the sea, didn’t you? 」

「 It sounds like an undesirable visitor from the signs, Gobukichi go and report to my lord.」

「 All right! 」

… What?
Did Oak and Goblin just talk?
Did I hear it wrong?

「Who are you people? 」
The orc spoke up.
Didn’t you hear me right?
「 This is a settlement run by Saint Kidan. We are his servants. My Lord commands me to welcome all visitors and eliminate enemy attacks. I’ll see if you’re a friend or foe-, so identify yourself first. 」
「 It’s rare for a talking orc but don’t be presumptuous. It’s rude of you to ask for the name of Astares, one of the four demon kings.」

At the side the assistant officer says, 「Ms. Astares! After all, you said your name! 」but it’s OK.

「I’ll tell you what you need to know. I’m here to kill this saint. And take the little mermaid princess he has married.」
「What …?」
「And I’m going to kill you all while I’m at it.」

When I give the signal, the hundred skeleton soldiers who have led them take up their weapons.
I’m glad.
There’s been a lot of activity.
Let’s sack those stray monsters!

「You have heard gentlemen, that they are avengers of the saints. If that’s the case, then we’ll just get rid of it. ……..go! 」

「「「「「「「「Yes! 」」」」」」」」

It was that moment.

Several goblins flew out of the relative stray monster groups with tremendous speed.

「What was that speed? 」

I’ve never heard of a goblin that agile in my life!
Isn’t he faster than even a senior Demon Race soldier!
The swift-footed goblins jumped into the ranks of the skeleton soldiers with their speed.
At the same time, there is a high-pitched sound of something dry being broken off.
Thump! Dang! Dang!
The skeleton soldier’s white bones were severed in an instant.

「What? What’s going on? 」

「It seems that the goblins that jumped into the ranks are slicing through the monster soldiers on our side, one after another and this one is too numerous to deal with them as they are confused when they get into the gaps in the ranks!」

My deputy will explain it to me but if you have time to explain it, deal with it!
The skeleton soldiers on our side were cut down one by one and collapsed on the spot.
The skeleton is the only monster in the undead system that can accept instructions from our demon race.
I chose it because it’s light, due to its bones, and I thought it would be a good choice to carry it on the ship…!
Did you make the wrong choice to fall behind the goblin style!
An oak came over this time.
They are equipped with a really thick axe and swing it straight down.


The skeleton soldiers will be defended with the shields provided by our Demon King’s Army in advance.
But their axes are as good as nothing else, and cut off the skeleton’s body as well their shields.
The goblins disrupt them with their speed and the orcs crush them with their overwhelming power.
Just like that, our skeleton soldiers are reducing in number with a bang.

「Ms. Astares…! Look!”」
「What now? 」
「The axe those orcs have……… Isn’t it made of manna metal!」

Mana Metal!
The strongest mineral on earth that can only be found in dungeons!
「And those scythes the goblins use. That’s not something our monster soldiers can stand up to! 」
Why is such a big thing used for an axe and sickle?
Isn’t it usually a sword or a spear!?
It’s sure to be a great sword and a great spear that our Four Heavenly Kings deserve to carry with them!
It’s all over while I’m in that kind of escape from reality.

「You’re the only ones left.」

The hundred skeletal soldiers that were brought in were instantly turned into a pile of bone fragments.
「I leave it to your judgment how we deal with you. If that’s not what you want, then go ahead and lash out. I’m going to spend all my spare time with you until you’re dead. 」

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  1. Since I can only find chapter 34 at tumblr, and not at WP, I’ll leave this comment her.

    The names of the Holy Swords seem to be composed by a number and a colour in German, thus:
    -Ein Rot
    -Zwei Blau
    -Drei Schwartz
    -Vier Gelb
    -Fünf Violett
    -Sechs Weiss/Weiß
    -Sieben Grün
    (numbers from 1 to 7, colours red, blue, black yellow, violet, white, green).

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