“Skill Taker’s” Update

https://loitterforsanity.home.blog/portfolio/skill-takers-world-domination-ch-169/ https://loitterforsanity.home.blog/novels/ I have decided to stop translating “Skill taker’s” novel and decided to pick new one. i only wanted to do 3 chapters for fun that’s all so, going to translate one with less work. If you want to read new chapters visit: Narou TL they are the one’s doing the full series. I … Continue reading “Skill Taker’s” Update


Conditional break

I have been forced to take a break due to personal, i couldn't concentrate on writing blogs. So i might be out for a week.

Nana to kaoru

Nana to kaoru

Nana to kaoru-kokosei no SM gokko The main manga nana to kaoru has turned out to be quite a hit. It's unique and rational way of handling an minor S&M play is quite pleasable to it's destined fan's. The feature film based on the manga resemble the manga quite a lot. The manga gives quite … Continue reading Nana to kaoru

Goblin slayer ch- 35

Goblin slayer cover

An Unprecedented assailant This chapter tried to convey the readers there's a possibility of romantic relationship with goblin slayer for nearly 6 pages and even on previous two chapters. It showed the compassion the priest girl have for him and the raw feeling of guild girl and his past reminiscence, for all the lost soul … Continue reading Goblin slayer ch- 35

News – update

Skill taker's world domination Chapter 169 translation started

Continuing bloging

I have been emersed on reading a light novel hence i couldn't upload any new post. I will be continuing to create new posts from today so, i hope to entertain you all very well.