The one who calamity abide

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38_The one calamity abide

「Darling! 」

A single figure jumped down from the dragon form Vielle’s shoulder.


「Thank God you’re all right. ……!」

She runs to me in a straight line and hugs me.

「I’m sorry! These demons came here because of me aren’t they? I’m sorry, because of me…! 」

Unusual Platy.

Is that how responsible you feel about this situation?

「Orcbo and his friends did something about it without me getting out. Prince Arowana was there, too.…! 」

「 What? You’re here? 」

At this point, Platy finally noticed her own brother standing next to her.

「 Why did you come here at this time of day? I mean, you were here for nothing. 」

「My little sister is so mean!」


The Asteres demon in question were foaming and fainting, as if Vielle’s blackmail had been too effective.

The same goes for the two deputies.

The ship that brought them in also got spooked by Vielle and ran away.

It’s terrible to leave your commander behind.

「What should we do with the unconscious demons…? 」

『Why don’t we kill them and bury the corpse? 』

「That’s just…! 」

I couldn’t follow Vielle’s suggestion for a moment.

*    *    *

『They are mutating, sir.』

Sensei gave a quick glance at our Orcobos.

The monsters are said to undergo sudden changes and change their species on rare occasions. They’re called mutants and they’re usually significantly stronger than the original species.

『Orcs to Wilier Orcs. The goblins have mutated into Spartan goblins. They’re very powerful monsters and it’s said that just one of them can change the course of a battle. 』

「Heh, heh…? 」

My kids are such a big deal.

Is this also because of 『Supreme Bearer』? Did I just touch it and it got super advanced?

They are now asking for the remnants of the skeleton they have defeated to be taken care of. Would it make a good fertilizer if I spread it on the field?

Things have already died down and the only problem that remains is the clean-up.

「 What do we really do about these people? 」

It was Ms. Astares of the demon tribe and her two lieutenants.

「So why don’t we just kill them and bury with the rest of the bones over there…?」

「No, no, no…!」

Vielle was in the school of thoroughness, but I can’t be that cold and ruthless.

If it’s a normal monster without a will or a soul it’s sort of a guilty pleasure but to kill someone who can speak properly and is dressed almost exactly like a person.

Even if we’re in the middle of a fight, we’ve to abide by win or lose.

「That’s sweet, master」

「I won’t take your life, but you will take some responsibility for it.」

Ms. Astares for her part, does not seem to be alive today.

After all, it’s the world’s two biggest disasters since she woke up. They’re sandwiched between the No Life King and the Dragon on either side.


The four demon kings who can’t stop trembling all over.

I think she’s one of the strongest in the demon tribe but is she afraid of sensei or vielle?

『I may be strong, but I’m only among demons.』

「’No matter how much the insects jump through they will never reach the realm of dragons, except for their master!」

I see.

I’m not going to get anywhere, so I’ll negotiate with her directly.

「Ms. Astares. What do you think? If you guys promise not to antagonize us after this you can go on your way, if you’d like? 」

「Buh-buh-doh-doh don’t insult me, I am one of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Demon King Astareth of the 『Delusion』…….」

I’m not going to be scared to death with such a wobbly voice.

「Damn it, get a grip I’m going to disgrace the Demon King’s prestige by doing this!」

I’ll get my mind back on track and get a bunch of people in order.

「Okay, then I have a proposition for you!」


「You’re the one they call a saint, aren’t you? You fight me in single combat and if you win, I’ll do whatever you say. I’m willing to take the terms you just gave me! 」

「What? 」

『I’m going to turn them as charcoal after all? 』 I control Vielle with eye contact, who appealed to me with her gaze.

「All right. If that’s enough, I’ll go out brawl with you.」


Ms. Astares instantly regained her energy.

「 You’re in a hurry! I’ve seen your self mere mortal! no matter how powerful your military forces are as long as you’re held down, I can survive this situation! . 」

「Ms. Astares, Ms. Astares. 」

Platy, who feels too pathetic speaks to me softly.

It’s odd that she was the one who originally came to take her away.

「’Since you don’t seem to understand, let me tell you something, though: no-life kings, dragons, mutated orcs and goblins. Everyone is following him. Do you know why? 」

「eh ?」

「Aren’t demons supposed to follow those who are stronger than they are?」

「So that means…」

I think that means the game is on, right?

I drew the holy sword from my waist and released it with a shank.

「… Oh, that’s a holy sword? it was missing for a thousand years and even said to be a lost holy sword, Drieschwatz…!? 」

Without needing to hit each other, Ms. Astares got down on her knees and I won the game by default.

*    *    *

Thus, Ms. Astares was allowed to return safely, but unfortunately there was no transportation for her return.

The ship she used to come is now gone, with all the sailors spooked by the vielle.

I had no choice but to let the dragonized vielle take the girls to the appropriate place.

I reminded her 「Please don’t treat her roughly」but when she returned, I heard that she had dropped her down in the middle of the battlefield where the Demon King’s army and the human army were clashing.

In addition, she spat out a breath of fire and said across the entire battlefield, 「The next time you try to joke around, I’ll slam this into your capital city」.



…… Oh dear

Thank you for your efforts.

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