I’m op but begin an inn V5C11

Hope everyone staying inside not contradicting Covid 19. Getting bored ? Seek the map on featured post for spread of Covid19 along globe and latest news break. Appearance of Goddess’s Ex partner Part I episode 3 OPP inn Volume 5 chapter 5 (overall chapter:32) Continue reading I’m op but begin an inn V5C11

“Skill Taker’s” Update

https://loitterforsanity.home.blog/portfolio/skill-takers-world-domination-ch-169/ https://loitterforsanity.home.blog/novels/ I have decided to stop translating “Skill taker’s” novel and decided to pick new one. i only wanted to do 3 chapters for fun that’s all so, going to translate one with less work. If you want to read new chapters visit: Narou TL they are the one’s doing the full series. I hope they continue to translate it. Continue reading “Skill Taker’s” Update