Couple of man Part 2

OPP Inn Volume 5 Chapter 15 – Couple of man Part 2 Continuation. Here you go. Robber 2 has been paralyzed by the consumption of spiritual energy by the last magic shot. The other person rushed in without checking what was happening in a hurry. 「! ? I don’t know what you have done, but be prepared, this Mithril knife can cut through anything.」 The robber is few steps away holding a mithril knife tightly in his hand. (But a mithril knife that cuts through everything…) The robber closes the distance in front of me and thrusts out a knife. … Continue reading Couple of man Part 2

School Entrance

TLN : hey! it’s an unedited gaiden chapter for opp inn, please tell me if i should translate the side story or only the main chapters let me know in the comments I’m op But Begin an Inn Side story 1 Entrance to school this is the first episode of inn biography Here you go. Have a good day. In contrast to the light-hearted voice, the『carla・Gryce』left the inn with a sinking feeling. 『carla・Gryce』, a beautiful woman who walks in a sunken stupor She is a “former male cross-world tripper”! His name is Ryuta Takahashi, before the trip. As you can … Continue reading School Entrance