I got a Cheat but I started an Inn.

I’m OP, but I Began an Inn

Raw: Cheat dakedo, yadoya hajimemashita.


A man died young and was sent to another world with a cheat-like power!?
――But, I don’t really feel like doing anything amazing. I just want to start my own inn. Nevertheless, I’ll aim for the #1 inn in the world!!

Let’s buy land and cultivate in another world

As our humble corporatist Itonami Norio is suddenly summoned to another world, it would look as if he’ll be sent to a battlefield– he, however, holds no skill to speak of, and as he is deemed to be useless. He negotiates with The King and receives a plot of land — an empty, deserted plot of land, with no inhabitant in sight. Norio holds something he couldn’t bring himself to tell anyone: The Master of Supremacy, a gift which will grant him the most comfortable of lives in this world. Hereby begins the Norio’s colorful story — having a mermaid he fishes declare herself his wife, becoming neighbors with the Undead King, this is his busy but enjoyable life — and now a dragon appears ?!


Volume 1

Chapter 0

Chapter 1

Chapter 2



Life of kidan


Skill Taker’s world domination

Chapter 167 — Second reunion

Chapter 168 — Vs Imp

Chapter 169 — Who beats a woman is a scum

I have decided to stop translating “Skill taker’s” novel and decided to pick new one. i only wanted to do 3 chapters for fun that’s all so, going to translate one with less work.

If you want to read new chapters visit: Narou TL they are the one’s doing the full series. I hope they continue to translate it.

Thank you for reading some rubbish translation by me.