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Machine translation tools

Translation Assistant

Translation Helper Tool is a line-by-line sentence parser designed to help JP Machine Translators and Machine-Assisted Translators speed up their translation, the reason is that most of the time is spent on highlighting and copying sentences for Translation Aggregator to automatically generate the machine translation or pasting it on some other online dictionary/translation site.

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Translator Aggregator

Translation Aggregator (Link) is the software that actually translates those sentences. Technically, it only collects translation from other sites and softwares, but by giving you several translation allows you to decide what actually fits in the context of the chapter. Make sure to download the latest version attached to the link. Do note that it’s not linked in the opening post of the thread but rather in a post further down which I have linked directly. If you can’t find the post, it’s linked in the opening as well. The opening post also has a tutorial on how to use the software. Just extract the 7zip file to use it.

For mecab and edict2 visit here

Q translate

An alternate for Aggregator with continuous support.

QTranslate is an imposing application which will let you translate your text to any language in the world and then lets you listen to the translation. This application is for the ones who are not native English speaker.