Meeting with my brother-in-law

chapter_42 Chatting with my brother-in-law 「So I need to talk to my brother-in-law about it.」「Me…?」 I asked Platy’s brother, Prince Arowana who happened to be visiting for advice.On the math of getting a high-fashion garment that Platy would appreciate.This guy also shows up every so often, second only to sensei. 「This is Platy’s family home. If it was what she was using before the getting married, I’ll have the whole dresser brought in? 」「Of course…! 」 Is that the easiest way to do it?There will be another solution for the future but is that enough to get us through the … Continue reading Meeting with my brother-in-law

House → food → Next

Chapter 41 House → food → Next It’s been a long time since I moved to this settlement.The house will be built and there will be a greater variety of foods available.It means that life is becoming more and more satisfying.There is no end to our greed and when we are satisfied, we want something new again.Clothes. Clothing to wear. That’s the mark of a civilized people. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most obvious difference that separates man from ape.I’ve neglected that clothing relationship for a long, long time.The nylon shirts and trousers that … Continue reading House → food → Next

Everyday Health

Chapter_40 Everyday Health 『The Saint』 「So can you stop with that ‘saint’ thing? Everyone’s already beginning to imitate it! 」Sensei the No Life King came to visit us again today.Well, I enjoy talking to you so it’s ok if you come every day. 『I have a gift for you today, saint』I knew you wouldn’t stop calling me a saint.And the souvenir? I mean, SENSEI has been giving me a lot of things, and I’m starting to feel bad about it.What is it this time?『You were saying this before, weren’t you? you need a bird that lay eggs. I was wondering … Continue reading Everyday Health

The girl’s muttering

Chapte_39 – The girl’s muttering My name is Momoko Akesaka.Ordinary high school girls like everywhere……One day, I was suddenly summoned to another world.It was like an anime or a video game, but it was undeniably real.This world is on the verge of a war with the demon race and they want the power to fight for it. So they summoned a brave man from another world. Because the gods give skills to the brave men summoned to other worlds.The skill that came with me when I was summoned was 『Scythe of the Goddess +2』. It was an excellent skill derived … Continue reading The girl’s muttering

The one who calamity abide

38_The one calamity abide 「Darling! 」 A single figure jumped down from the dragon form Vielle’s shoulder. Platy. 「Thank God you’re all right. ……!」 She runs to me in a straight line and hugs me. 「I’m sorry! These demons came here because of me aren’t they? I’m sorry, because of me…! 」 Unusual Platy. Is that how responsible you feel about this situation? 「Orcbo and his friends did something about it without me getting out. Prince Arowana was there, too.…! 」 「 What? You’re here? 」 At this point, Platy finally noticed her own brother standing next to her. 「 … Continue reading The one who calamity abide

A brilliant light

BLCI #Chapter_30 – A brilliant light Thus said Prince Arowana, returning to the sea. He reported the events that occurred here to his father, the Mermaid King for his approval. We sent him off with a bunch of vegetables from … Continue reading A brilliant light