Life of entities

Manga Name : Daija ni Totsuida Musume

Verdict :

 Illustrious life of arranged marriage. 

Arranged marriage is quite normal for most of the earth’s culture but when your marriage is arranged with a unexpected person would love still blossom between them. This manga had dealt with thatw topic in most comical and emotional way, married life between a mountain snake deity and a frail women is what the story about. 

 It’ not a hentai manga of tentacles and slithering snakes but a good love story captivating between two different entity a snake and human. The story narration is smooth enough to making me want to read it again this is the second manga I’ve read again after completing all the chapters first being goblin slayer.   The art style complements characters emotion and story nature it illustrate the character’s emotion well enough to convey them to the readers, it’s not made up to a fine details of  grains but a little aesthetic look gave the manga it’s own charm. 

making the female main character (miyo) a lonely and outcast women gave a logical reason for her marriage with snake, the reason for the marriage has not been revealed in the story so far but establishing miyo being outcast and made as scapegoat for the snake is enough to move the story forward but i hope the author reveal the reason for their marriage. 

snake is very concerned and caring towards miyo it has been established as head of the family. Their every day life has been portrayed comical making the story not so heavy for readers, snake’s inadequate sense for human feeling made suffer some trauma which had been portrayed hilariously possible gave some good points to the manga. 

 miyo has been described mostly as a domestic care taker for snake than a loving wife, but having snake’s little deeds breaking down the wall between miyo is a element nourishing their love to blossom. rome wasn’t built in a day so does a love between a huge snake and female. As a married couple snake’s attempt to being intimate with her have always been successfully ended in failure hilariously so far the chapters translated. 

With a smooth art style to tell a neat romcom story like between a giant and fairy, this manga is worth reading. having the illustration emphasis more on emotion and comical elements makes it a pleasant read but having some smut makes it inappropriate for underage. it’s a recommended read. 

This manga is romantic comedy as much as erotic one the author have skillfully played the characters it doesn’t give a reason to resent after reading it. I have sailed on the mangaka’s imagination sea on what it’s like to be bride of a giant snake and it have been illustrated as close to reality in it . Every character has given a human persona which makes it easier to relate. the awkwardness of nightly activities between newly weds, fights and love on daily activities. It’s a well contened story.

Recommended manga for mature readers

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