Corona virus (Covid-19)

An update page on covid19 status around the globe based on UN organization sources UN feed Map on spread of Covid-19 Continue reading Corona virus (Covid-19)

“Skill Taker’s” Update I have decided to stop translating “Skill taker’s” novel and decided to pick new one. i only wanted to do 3 chapters for fun that’s all so, going to translate one with less work. If you want to read new chapters visit: Narou TL they are the one’s doing the full series. I hope they continue to translate it. Continue reading “Skill Taker’s” Update

SKill taker world domination

Building a slave harem from scratch Key words: Skill taker’s world domination~ building slave harem from scratch ; Skill taker’s world domination~ building slave harem in another world; harem; ecchi; mature; Machine translation; light novel LN ; Web novel WN; English translation. Raw: Original Translator website : Continue reading SKill taker world domination