Skill Taker's World Domination

Skill taker’s world domination Ch-169

A man who beats a woman is scum

「 imp, why this fellow appear now ? white tiger might also be near」

「Please be careful, Even if the body is small, it’s an opponent monster inheriting a trait or talent from the devil group. you make light of it you have a bitter experience」

It looked like two people who were used to a fight with the devil group remained quite calm for the appearance of imp

It often takes a role as “the familiar spirit” which supports a monster called imp and works with a devil group.

The individual authorized as the low- class devil group with intelligence exists among them, but – -.

Most were placed as a monster in the middle of devil group.

「Sophia, leave this to me」

When Michael holds a stick and stands before, he let innumerable ice bullets appear around Yuto.

Water attribute magic –《 aegis 》 is the original which only Mikhail can use in the world

As for the ice bullet developed with aegis, one is controlled by high control magi

There was the property that was automatically blown off for the existence that Michael recognized to be an enemy.

「「「 gyha!!!」」」

last moments of imp echoes in the cave.

It was the imp which makes use of the advantage of the number and charges one after another, but will die an honourable death without capturing aegis of Michael. 

「Great ……! …… that I have not seen such high level magic」

「As expected of someone called the one of the world’s strongest magician the ice bullets seems to totally have own will it is moving, ……!? 」

Spica & sylph who saw michael’s magic for the first time raised the voice in surprise.

「Is there any injuries? Beautiful ladies」

 michael who is convinced of the fact that the battle with impu ends,  stands before Spica & sylphia was gloating his white tooth.  

「Still, I was surprised It is profane that a barbaric man such as konoe gets a pretty lady like you」

「Huh,  Huh! huh!! ?」

Spica who is confused had leaked the voice with excitement with trembling

The word of michael was understanding following ones for spica who does not have the experience being persuaded my man other than yuto.


Sylphia who saw through the ulterior motive of the partner instantly sent the eyes of chills down

Syphia During her childhood to attend the party of aristocratic , there were also many men have been solicited from fluff, there were also many experience.

「Sorry, but you may not hit on me? We have already vowed and devoted our body and mind to our master It is absolutely impossible to change my mind for other man」

「Not, that is correct! Please don’t hit on the others! All of us is a precious thing to master!!!!!! i can’t imagine going with other man」

the invitation was refused so as to be wonderful, but michael’s smile didn’t change

it’s all according to calculation

It’s  not worth hunting it if it isn’t the woman whom she devotes herself wholehearted.

michael who called himself a handsome man in one of legend Brad was the type that was going to enjoy a process before talking a woman into love above all

「Well well, saying such a firm thing without thinking, Because I never let you be sorry. Being konoe is not, it is to know your thing well …..」


michael who felt a crisis of the life wasn’t able to spin words more than it.

There was a figure of yuto which emitted silent pressure there when he looked in thirst for blood

「michael Just one advise for you」

she told yuto while putting a hand on the shoulder of michael with a pop

「……There is no exception. The person who makes passes at a woman is a scum. Is bad,; but, as for me, i forgive him for a human trash」

The pressure which didn’t let presence say from the end-to-end of words of yuto was included.

「……wha the, it was bad ho ho ho, it was intention of just joke, it is. look, it was just a joke no need to get angry」

If I assume a defiant attitude here it appears i will be ー ー killed.

michael who judged it so, Utters word of apology with a shaking voice of fear.

「…… demon 」

At that time sophia was attacked by remnants of impu by tail

The aegis of michael has superior property in offense and defense, but on the other hand there was the fault that he didn’t exercise if he wasn’t always with perfect concentration.

In the state overwhelmed by a thirst for blood of yuto, I wasn’t able to protect Sophia.


The speed of impu was the level that a fly seemed to be confined for yuto who fought against many devils group till now.


yuto resists impu charging at with a small spear by flicking in forehead.


impu received yuto’s flick which can blow down a big tree if he was determined has blown off on a straight line

impu body sunk into the rock face of the cave and died instantly.

yuto checked his status screen 

konoe,  yuto

Special ability: plunder subordination contract, devil eyes transmission, alarm bell, growth stimulation, magical power refinement, soul creation, magical power compression 

Magic : fire magic LV4 (12/40)

Disastrous flood magic LV6 (10/60)

 Wind magic LV5 (4/50)

 Holy magic LV6(37/50)

Curse magic LV6 (6/60)

Special ability: fire tolerance LV3 (19/30):

Water tolerance LV3 (0/30)

Wind tolerance LV4 (6/40)

The skill that I obtained by defeating impu is seems to be +3 curse_magic.

The magic of the rood to let you amplify the sexual sensitivity of the object is necessary for yuto.

It was a nice result for yuto that he was able to get increase level of curse_magic in an unexpected scene.

「impossible,  how!! can you bring down a impu with one finger……」

It’s apt to be despised by the small appearance, but impu isn’t a thing of the kinds to be able to defeat easily at all.

I recall a story about being partially destroyed everywhere with an experienced venturer party can win against one impu.

「you aren’t hurt right? Sophie」

yuto asked with smart and manly face.

「Yes,  As is expected of yuuto different from some human scum」

「I’m good By the way, how about we two deepen the friendship with each other after this fight was over; even have a meal ……」

「yeah i looking for it a little, AhAHaaaaaaa!」

It is michael to have interrupted words of yuto which is going to urge Sophia naturally.

「Hey! Lady The person who makes passes at a woman is a waste of human being! isn’t it contradicts on what you are saying?」

There aren’t michael and Sofia for lover relations when I say precisely.


The person himself is in the place that is going to never recognize,

Actually, michael had light love feeling for Sophie.

「huh? however i think that there, that is i thought you’d say that i guess ?」

When it was the woman of another person, It doesn’t matter.

My thing is my thing.

As for those of others thing is my thing.

[making passes at the woman of another person] didn’t contradict with [making passes at one’s woman, and getting angry] in yuto at all.

「 crazy thing out your head? you really need to calm down」

michael which faced yuto who presented a mysterious theory was dumbfounded unintentionally without really showing the timid behaviour. 

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