Skill Taker's World Domination

Skill Taker’s world domination, Ch-168

Skill taker’s world domination ~ building a slave harem from scratch; Skill Taker’s World Domination ~ Building a slave harem in a different world ; Chapter 168 Machine translation.


Yuto who heard circumstances from legend Brad decided to cooperate with their duty.
It has been said Spica.
A certain big game buff group seems to hide in the Richard’s flower garden.
As for being able to acquire this information of obscure details having the Unique Skill – – << Foresight dream >> that she has acquired.
Foresight dream rarity @ details Unknown
Details : (skill to make it possible to see a future scene in a dream).

It is demon king – – mamon subordinate of the avarice, and the devil group called “White tiger” targeted for this subjugation says that I have top-class ability among devil groups.
「I see. That means, at first I should find a devil group called the White tiger lying hidden in the Richard’s flower garden 」(yuto)
「well ,it is not necessary. Because, about the place where white tiger is hiding , it is confirmed by an oracle this morning」 (sofia)
Sofia’s special skill 《Foresight dream 》is flawless to some extent, it cannot obtain information about the target up to minute details.
Even though target becomes clear to the place of hiding to Richard’s flower garden , from the contents of the dream that she saw yesterday, this is because it did not become clear to the exact place.
(However, why can’t I be able to saw information about him with my skill foresight dream today but it was good yesterday ) (sofia)

In the first place existence of yuto was incomprehensible in various points.
It is so at the time of former Beelzebub war.
According to the foresight dream of Sofia, demon king Beelzebub of the gluttony was going to be subdued by the trap which Mikhail set.
The unique skill foresight dream is not something to get the future information that was 100% right.
Conversely Sofia thought that there was little value simply because it was the future which we could change it. But.

It was unprecedented in the past that an irregular situation occurred in succession until I asked.
(konoe yuto ……. I determine your true value today here ) (sofia)
The reason why I intended to have Yuto help with work is not that I judged that a force of legend Brad is insignificant.
Sofia shed a smile quietly in the middle toward the cave which a white tiger made a roost.


「 I see! That means, Sofia and Mikhail are to have the relationship of so-called childhood friend」
「Yes, I am really sorry, but don’t deny it for being called so. Because Mikhail associated with me that we have mutual relative since there was discretion with each other 」
[びえ …!]Such relations somewhat long. It is the relation like sweetheart lovers coming out to of a story 」
「 “I do not deny about it either If the partner is not that Mikhail , it is story, but ….. 」
Yuto went farther into the cave inside Richard’s flower garden where the white tiger has lurked.

Three people Spica, shiruhuia, Sofia walking in the front having a heated girls talk.
It was boys combination of Yuto & Mikhail to have been silent in contrast with girls who swelled.
From the start Mikhail does not have favourable feelings for Yuto.

The atmosphere that was serious between two boys drifted to oneself as Yuto, even if I talked with the partner who bared hostility there was no helping it.
「 Master! I smell demon from these depths! 」(spica)
Immediately after that Spica shouted, This thing
impu threat LV19
In front I saw a dwarf who grew bat wings from back.
There was it in the cave, but it was the first encounter with a monster except the fairy system in Richard’s flower garden.

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