Ceremony start

Goblin slayer Ch: 34

Starts with Nice and refined shots of guild girl. Their start of the date on afternoon of festival. this chapter doesn’t give details on their date as they did with cow girl, but they did notice to key turn events and details to the surrounding character. It’s kind of nice to see the guild girls frustration to seek Goblin slayer’s attention to her. she wants him to see something intimidating of her feelings in some private space, she lures him to guild office worker’s space and shows a spectacle view exclusive to him.

Along with the story we can see a disaster approaching within the breeze effect story with various flag. i really thought sword maiden to make a entry in one of his date, well that didn’t happened. Goblin slayer’s actions seem to caught something fishy on the festival occasion not having a goblin slaying request for a week tend to be the key for it. another flag from the author to be entry of party heroes who defeated the demon lord, and goblin slayer’s some strange request to elf. An evident of some thing big has been flagged whatever it is i want some actions and the trademark Goblin slayer’s out of the box ideas. If possible i want to see the mysterious ring goblin slayer posses in action on future chapters, one he found it as shown in the one year spin off.

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This chapter closes it’s curtains on orcblog’s companion cleric priest entry to some stage for the closing of the festival under the flying paper lanterns.

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