A second chance to a salvaged soul by social and sexual abuse, that’s what matches this manga’s Main character. this manga way of telling the standard of bullying is quite explicit. To whom who wants to read it, This isn’t for light hearted people. it shows a great amount of vulgar and sexually explicit scenes.

Human living as wasps that’s the base line of this manga. Endou himeno a high school girl victim to severe bullying by her school mates. when you see himeno crawling on four legs naked as a sheer pleasure of amusement for the school girls you can feel the weight of the content author trying to make. Her situation in house is much worse than her school. when a mother saw her girl being molested by her second husband she will beat the shit out of him that’s reality, However getting jealous of her child and torturing the child for her husbands affection will blast out their definition of mother’s love.This will make anyone wonder why she didn’t commit suicide, when you live mourning life for a long time it becomes a absolute reality.

The story changes it’s course as giving Himeno a chance to build a paradise to her wish in a form a wasp when her school mates made her eat a bug. The next set of event’s thrown me to think is it an another reality. when she found that she become queen to those she had infected. it seems to pay for her so long misery, The intervention of government organisation to capture her alive made her getting a nation to herself a eutopia for her liking.

This manga is a story of Absolute blood shed which questions a very morale of a society model. An aid of empathy for a severe bullying and social abuse victims.

Verdict: A story on beasts and vile in humanity nature to it’s extreme core no one can imagine.

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