An Onsen manga

Among lots of typical Isekai manga where protagonists become either hero, mao or an animal or monster with it’s core character a manga making an Onsen to be MC. A bold move to think making making an manga on onsen Yet, the story’s way of cruising the reader and keeping their interest on on tip of toe for How? and what’s next .
Onsen Art by tonee89

Ecchi scenes of this manga is very high as the MC being a onsen a swarm of beautiful girls occupy most script. onsen getting level up by the number of people he healed and the appearance becomes an etiquette modern onsen. The adventures of the girls helping the onsen to keep running have the story move on with different possibilities of new ventures.They want to make a onsen town for their village. Being a onsen main character distinguishing himself as a Onsen god Atami.
Shirakawago Onsen

Upon competition from a unexpected source they fight with all their will and making a great progress, While the manga chapters keep end up with cliff hanger making the readers curiosity haywire for what’s next


High school student Atami Kusatsu on his way to a rural onsen, meets with a tragic accident along the way and dies, but he’s reincarnated as an onsen in a fantasy universe. In this world, the liquefied Atami turns out to have remarkable physical and magical healing properties, and he soon finds himself being regularly visited by beautiful elven adventurer Laticia, large-breasted priestess Kumu, and petite village chieftess Chichiku.


An unthinkable concept with a rational story line, a praise to the mind behind for making it.

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