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Domestic girlfriend ; Dome kano – chapter 226, Review

He gets a girl to live in his apartment after braking up with Riu, He met her in a mixer he arranged for his friend. misaki followed him like a puppy which is cute and likable. Then the Story line starts to spin off like a deja vu to resemble the manga starting point. Then twist turns to one and another. Then Misaki’s back story with a weight to move the readers to a point to make and show Sympathy for MC.

Her tragic state gets deeper and deeper to a point on where natsu gets frustrated and found her doing and dealing drugs. Natsu wishes goodwill for all the ladies he encounters but this one gets him into a hectic Situation on edge of death. Hina being a proper big sister worries for natsu and gets help from owner of the dinner masa. A drug morphia misaki working for kidnaps them in pretence of theft of drugs. Hina and masa beating those guys and making a statement is dramatic and fun to watch, misaki pledges on becoming clean for everyone’s sake.

Hina Tachibana

In this chapter i can see a flag on miskai being a full pledged girlfriend or Natsu writing a novel on misaki’s life and hina becomes his lover again. The author may make different decision on this regard who knows an interesting new character may arrive . It will be nice if natsu can become a novel author again.

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