Dungeon Entry

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BLCI Chapter – 13 Dungeon Entry

From the outside, the dungeon looked like nothing more than a hole on the side of the sea, but I was surprised when I went inside.

It’s very neat inside.

The walls, floors and ceilings are flat, just like the passageways of a castle somewhere.

But the monster was solid and attacked us as soon as it found us intruders.

「dannasama, stay back」

Platy took something out of the bag she had brought and threw it at him.
It was a glass test tube.

Inside, there is a suspiciously glowing drug inside causes a terrible change as soon as test tube breaks down when hit the monster’s body.

Certain chemicals burn explosively as soon as they touch the air. Another chemical froze the monster from the area it had been bathed in, while another made it numb by unleashing an electrical charge.

It seems that the mermaids are good at this kind of battle potion.

Already more than a dozen monsters had been eliminated by Platy.

I could only watch it from behind her.

It’s easy to let things go without doing anything, but if you don’t do much, you have no place to stand as a man.

I was about to do something anyway, but I didn’t know what to do.

After all, I’m a useless man if I don’t have the right tools in my hands.

『Supreme Bearer』 is a gift from God that allows you to become an expert in any field as soon as you pick up a tool.

The flip side of that is that if you’re unarmed, it won’t do you any good.

If I had known I was going to make it all the way into the dungeon, I would have had some kind of weapon at the ready.

And just as I was thinking about it, a piece of luck appeared before me.

A sword had fallen in front of me.

「That’s good dungeon.」

Local use of the found goods is the real thrill of the dungeon.

As soon as I took hold of the sword, I became a swordsman.

「”Toraha! 」

Platy’s attacking magic potion snaps the monster that have leaked.

This made our formation even more solid.

「That’s my darling!! I’m going to fall in love with him again! 」

There were a variety of monsters in the dungeon.

Snake type or lizard type. Orcs, or something close to what one might call a goblin. Some of them looked like unidentifiable clumps of sludge, and some of them were questionable creatures.

I kicked all that stuff out of the way, and by the time I got to a lull, I’d reached a pretty low level of the dungeon.

「I wonder if it’s almost the bottom. It’s not as deep a dungeon as I thought it would be.」

Platy says with an expression that says, “There’s still room for more”.

「I mean, isn’t it about time we went home? 」

I’ve cleaned up the dungeon, and I don’t think my fields will be overrun with monsters to the point of damage.

I don’t want to do anything dangerous and I don’t want to have a big adventure.

That’s the creed of my otherworldly life.

「Well, that’s what I say, but I’m curious about it.」

「What’s up? 」

「How you look at this dungeon」.

Are you ready?

It’s true, the interior is surprisingly beautiful for a mere cave.

The floors, walls, and ceilings are so beautiful that one would think that they were set up by human hands. Or rather, stone?

It was a staircase when you moved to the lower level.

It’s completely man-made.

As an otherworldly person, I thought dungeons were supposed to be like this in the first place, but it’s different, isn’t it?

「There was a sense of control over the monsters that came out, Perhaps this dungeon… maybe there is one.」

「Are there? What? 」


A lord?

You mean like a dungeon boss?

「The dungeon with the Lord is super rare. And it’s also a super-dangerous dungeon…! 」

「What? What do you mean? 」

「Because there are basically only two types of people who can become dungeon masters. One type is a dragon. Another one kind 」

As we were walking along, Platy and I both stopped at the same time.

It was because the passage had become a dead end.

No, it’s not.

The end of what appeared to be a wall was made to look like it could be opened if pushed.

「a door! 」

「Structurally, this seems to be the end of this dungeon and through this door… 」

Let’s turn back now.

The door opened by itself before I could say anything else.

We didn’t do anything.

The intense cold air leaking out of the open doorway.

Suddenly the breath he exhaled turned white.

「 this ghost…! I’m sure…!”」

Suddenly, Platy changed into a serious tone of voice.

「 This dungeon has a dungeon Lord after all…! And it’s even worse…! 」

The worst one?

Platy said that earlier. There are basically two main types of dungeons lords, one of which is a dragon.

And the other one is…?

「The King of the Undead. No Life King………..!」

Behind the open door, waiting for us was a human being wrapped in an extravagant outfit.

However, although it had the silhouette of a human, its body was completely withered on the surface.

Like a mummy.

A normal human being would know that he is dead, but he is alive and well.

In other words, he’s operating while dying.

A zombie.

A non-dead person.

The undead.

…… It was a guy.

What’s more, according to Platy’s gestures, he’s the biggest and strongest of them all!

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