Activating Devil eye

 Activating Devil eye  Volume 1 Chapter 11 My brain was a little reluctant to receive Mr. Kass’s words. He opens his mouth and tell me to go kill another lord. That’s the bottom line.   「Assassination ……? 」   「Yes, it is. It would be easy with Devil eye of Destruction. You can destroy it just by looking at it. 」   I parroted back and Mr. Kasu returned it with a surprised look on his face. Even as he was talking, he was holding his forehead as if he wasn’t feeling well.   「I know about Devil eye of Destruction. That … Continue reading Activating Devil eye

Recruit training part 4

 Rookie Training Part 4   A/N: end of the pitching                                                                                                                     Oh, it’s been a while. My name is Luca Tuncuft. Is this the first time I’ve used my full name?   The training is now almost over.   Looking back, the training was full of surprises from the very first day.   I felt like my head was going to explode, because I heard facts that defied conventional wisdom and even a dragon appeared. After that, it was all a mess.   Carla scolded the late dragon called “Mr. Fab” for 30 minutes with no expression on her face … Continue reading Recruit training part 4

confidential talk

   confidential talk   Duchess of destruction Volume 1 chapter 10   #DOD The deed to the Duke of Oylsterhout is to be delivered to King’s Landing by a man in the service of the Van der Hulff family. I look down from the window of my room as the carriage leaves for the royal city of Zelston in the dark of night.   When I say my room, I don’t mean my personal room. Benjamin is my valet, so of course we sleep and wake up in the same room. Bartel has a servant’s room and Linda has a … Continue reading confidential talk

Count Besjövel

Count Besjövel  Duchess of Destruction volume 1Chapter 9 #DOD Linda said nonchalantly as she got out of the carriage and waited for Mr. Benjamin, who had followed the carriage to the side of the pavilion, to return.   「This is the Count’s residence.」   「Wow. ……」   I look up at the ruins of what to be called the pavilion and let out a yelp. The wall, which had crumbled so badly that it could be seen from a distance, has been left in a state of disrepair. The windows were naturally cracked and some were broken. The curtains for … Continue reading Count Besjövel

Recruit Training part 3

  Newcomer training Part 3   –Continue the pitching–.                                                                                                   I know you’re probably wondering how heavy a single chair can be, but I can’t help but be surprised.   In addition, that wasn’t the only surprise in Carla’s explanation that still continued.   I’m going to walk you through the exchange from the chair on wards in order.   The chair is heavy because it is made of magic metal. That the inn is not only the chairs but also the walls, windows, and even the sheets are all made of magical metals, disaster-designated grade magical beasts and … Continue reading Recruit Training part 3

Recruit Trainig part 2

  Newcomer training Part 2   greetings I’ve been writing a lot of serious stories lately. From here on out, we’re going to go back to the original heart-warming gag comedy. Also, I’m going to throw in a series of posts to quickly end the training story.                                                                                                                       For some reason, we three new employees were brought to the wilderness. We are now at …… –I was – I was at a loss. …… Let’s rewind time a bit.   ◇◆◇◆◇   We were stunned.   Yesterday, I was told that I had passed the exam and that … Continue reading Recruit Trainig part 2

Recruit training Part 1

  Newcomer training Part 1   Hi. I received many welcome back comments from everyone when I last posted. Thank you. So, for now, let’s start with this one. Newcomer training begins. Well, here you go.                                                                                                   Today is the first night since my acceptance was decided. After the acceptance, the discussion went relatively smoothly.   Let’s reminisce a bit about yesterday, shall we?   ◇◆◇◆◇   「Well then, you’ll start your training tomorrow as soon as possible. I can’t just put you guys in front of our customer all of a sudden. It’s not going to be that … Continue reading Recruit training Part 1