The King of Death Again

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BLCI Chapter_21 -The King of Death Again

No Life King.
King of the Undead.

In this world, they’re called the two violent evil beings, along with dragons.

Which means the world’s greatest vicious people standing right in front of my house.

What the hell does that mean?

『I’m sorry, saint- dono 』

The teacher calls me a saint-sama.

I wish he would stop calling me so ostentatiously because it’s too funny, but he didn’t listen to me even though I corrected him a few times.

We have no choice but to give up now.

『was it a hundred years ago when we met before. I regret that my reunion with the saint has turned out this way.』

It’s not a hundred years ago.

It’s been less than a month since we parted ways in your dungeon before.

As an undead that has existed for over a thousand years, it’s a so-called undead joke that their sense of time is completely different from the living?

「I don’t know what’s going on, even if he apologized suddenly. Or rather, sir, you were able to come out of your own dungeon? 」

『It’s because my body is so withered that I have to go out and hang it out in the sun once in a while or it will grow mouldy.』


It’s an undead joke.

It’s really hard to tell if it’s a joke or if it’s serious…!

『And the reason for my apology…』


『It is I who has stunned the dragon there.』

「Yes? 」

Already, in addition to my threats the Dragon had been convoluted by the appearance of a no life king and had completely lost its fighting spirit.

He is standing like a rock, forgot to move.

「Did you set it up? I mean, it was you who sent this dragon to me? 」

『As it turns out, that’s what happened. I’m sorry to do this again.』

As a result…………

That’s an increasingly annoying way to say it.

It’s as if he wants me to listen to the details.

I couldn’t help it, so I decided to ask for more details.

Then it seemed that this was the case.

The No-Life King’s teacher and this dragon are enemies who have had several skirmishes with each other in the past.

Since the dungeons they control are so close to each other, it’s fair to say that they have become enemies by design.

In such a balance of power, a mountain dungeon dominated by dragons was vandalized by someone or something.

According to the details, the dragon was just taking a nap at the time, and it was only after he woke up that he noticed the attack.

Furious, the dragon immediately picked up the culprit in his head.

The first candidate was teacher who lived in a nearby dungeon.

I mean, there’s no one else.

「…And you immediately invaded the teacher’s dungeon? 」

『Yes, they come barging in and shouting 「How dare you trample my territory! 」I was greatly perplexed because I had no idea whatsoever about this one.』

As sensei don’t remember this at all

However, given the geopolitics of the area, none other than him would be a daredevil to trample the dragon’s turf.

The culprit is in here! But there was only one potential culprit.

But that’s also a story of the past.

Because a new tenant had just recently joined the land.

「Me? 」

『The moment I remembered your name, I let it slip out. Before I thought, 「Oh, my dear」this little girl ran away.』


And that’s why you ran after me in a hurry?

He is as good-natured as ever.

「I understand what you’re saying, but it’s not something you should apologize for. In fact, we were the ones who vandalized the dragon dungeon….」

『After all, it was so. But that’s exactly why you’re not to blame.』

The teacher affirms.

『I understand that I am a former tribe member. A dungeon is an important place for people to make a living. From food and building materials to the source of clothing and tools, dungeons produce a variety of superior materials.』

That’s why people seem to organize adventurers to challenge dungeons.

『Intruders are an everyday occurrence for the Dungeon Lord. If you are challenged, you should accept it and stand up to it, but you are angry because the shallowest part – or should I say, the foot of the mountain dungeon, if you want to call it a mountain dungeon – was somewhat trashed near the entrance anyway. It would be too imprudent to leave the dungeon and go after them.』

The two eyes that shine brightly in the teacher’s parched face glare sharply at the dragon.

『The Vielle of the Grinzel Dragon. Your actions are too narrow and childish as a strong person. Do you think that’s how you’re going to succeed Geyser Dragon? 』


The giant dragon, drop down its head.
It was like a child being scolded.

『The king who reigns in the dungeon needs only to laugh at the little intruders and leave them alone. Only when they have reached the deepest part of your dungeon you can twist with them as compliment. That’s the measure of a strong man.』

As a senior to the Dungeon Lord, he is a professor to his juniors.

…… And that is how I feel like with what he said?

『And then they get angry and chase you out of the dungeon, etc. The more you think about it, the more you’ll be exposed for your shallowness. In addition to that, this saint here is much stronger than any other adventurer. If you challenge him carelessly, you will only lose your life in vain. You will be slandered even as a fool’s eye who can’t even trample the value of his enemies.』

『Well…! 』

The dragon looks frustrated, unable to say anything back.

『Hey, dead guy who is this human? He slashed through my Colossal Flame breath with his sword, Can any human do that? 』

『Hohoho…? 』

I think the teacher grinned, but I still don’t have enough experience to tell the expression from the dry, stale face of the undead.

『I think it’s possible with the power of the Holy Sword.』

『The Holy Sword? 』

The dragon’s gaze was focused on the blade held in my hand.

『Yes, indeed! That’s the evil sage sword Dreishbaltz! 』

「Did it have a name like that, this sword? 」

That’s a lot of naming.

『What’s the matter with you, corpse? My father sent me to get that sword it from you, and you gave it to a human! 』

『 The Holy Sword itself has chosen its owner you don’t get to tell me what to do.』

I’ll tell you straight up.

『And isn’t it your fault, that you have received such orders but have been unable to fulfil it and are still smouldering Lord of the Mountain Dungeon? 』


『I must tell you, I am willing to submit to the Holy Sword’s approval. If you do harm to him, know that I will be your enemy when the time comes.』


Unable to say anything back any longer, the dragon spread his wings wide.

It’s on the run.

『 I’ll spare you today! You’ll remember it later! 』

It was a perfect line for small fry throw away.

As the dragon tries to fly away…

「Wait a minute.」

I grabbed its tail and held it back.

No, I did.

I think it was the effect of『Supreme Bearer』that I was able to hold down the dragon’s huge body with one hand.

This ability to do whatever you want as long as you basically touch your hands.

『What a-ah-ah-ah!? My body is a-ah-ah-ah-ah-ah become a human ahaaa. 』

Even the dragon herself (?) was very surprised.

「You don’t have to hurry home, 」

I said.

「Why don’t we go have some food? 」

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  1. Oh ho ho ho. He grabbed her tail so he must now take responsibility (probably in a weirdly, normal series).


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