book cover artist, Koin

Tanker bullet

I hate being in pain, so I think I’ll make a full defence build – anime review

An in world experience of a VRMMO first time player. mapel’s delicate thinking of not getting hurt or painful experience has given her new insightful experience on Virtual games by buffing only her defence to highest without any attack abilities.

she forges herself to be a tank and trash out incoming monster attacks. when mapel engages on three headed dragon on a dungeon and rendered unable to attack with defence she foraged entire dragon and gained it’s ability and came out as an demon for her enemies on the upcoming game event.

An fantasy series with a most logical reasoning and factual ideology. with a female lead with out any over powered cheat ability and entrapment.

If you wish to see an refreshing isekai anime not all about demon king or hero it should be in your recommended list.

she becomes enticed to the game which her friend suggested who had been champions of several game events. little flags has like these has been arose in passive way.

A non-exploitive epilogue story for a potential serialisation. with an addressable graphic and art works.

courtesy: Muse asia

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