In Another World With My Smartphone ; Isekai wa Smartphone to Tomo ni.

World god accidentally kill a 17 year old boy with lightning so, he Amend by giving him a another chance to live in a beautiful world with necessary skill and magic attributes. Upon leaving world god Kami san asks him whether he as any other wishes he wants to have and Mochizuki, Touya asks to keep his smartphone usable in the world and his wish has been granted. It’s an average other world anime where the MC ties his hands with nine beautiful wives and a tryst full stories on reaching a higher level.

Touya’s character has been introduced as clueless person regarding woman’s intention that tends to be the key feature for him on getting nine beautiful wives. His first fiancée yumina note’s feelings of touya’s companion towards him using her composite eye which reads one’s heart’s true intention. she implied to get married to touya even though he is two years older and stirs up his love as she is an princess of Belfast kingdom. She makes a pact with other girls his companions Linzie, elze. yae. It will be an utmost joy for any man. when a group of girls joins a pact to share his love nevertheless no one will turn-down these untainted love. He decides to take up their offer. It’s not a easy thing to love a woman and yet he decides to marry nine.

Touya’s meet with professor Babylon is an interesting plot rather an unfortunate one for touya she had her body running on ecchi thoughts. She watch touya’s life from past like a opera for entertainment she decided to leave babylon flying monument to touya as an toll for his entertainment, and to fight fraze if catastrophe such as will bound to happen. the humanoid Babylon UI Francesca is as pervert as the professor and the eight other UI. Touya’s usage of smartphone in the mythical age of magic is marvellous. some may predict those out come however it gives an whelming feel of smartphone that we took for granted. Using his smartphone he puts himself on god warrior level on that world.

Even though the light novel breaks one’s imagination and transcends to other world to making a god. we wish to see touya’s encounter with his lovely fiancées and love goddesses making ecchi encounter with his fiancées.

Overall this anime is an recommended one to watch and it’s worthy of it. It may look like an classic anime drawings without a definition but it makes an story board to easy to catch. Touya’s best quote so far can give us an new dimension of thinking towards worlds principle.

Getting anything free is the most expensive in the world

Mochizuki, Touya.

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