Sword’s masseuse

Verdict : A daily dose manga for all the ecchi lovers.

What will be an imperial swords thought’s on a maintenance ?

Tatara a blacksmith trying to make a imperial sword for his heart’s content is collecting all the data he could and some imperial along the way with some fruitful and erotic encounters.

Manga artist done great job on illustrating various imperial swords personification, it catches the sword personality quite well with their attribute.

The main story plot and twists are centred around tatara research journey to study about how to make an imperial swords, as the story moves on various theme with each chapter it balanced well between comedy and imperials lascivious thoughts to tatara’s care for them. Story directive done justice for an artists care and love for his tools and creation.

As the plot moves we could enjoy an lasting comedic acts than ecchi traces within our thoughts. It’s quite amusing to read and ruminate the swords thoughts while their maintenance being done.

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