09-Wife of Kidan

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BLCI chapter – 09 Wife of Kidan

Fished my wife

That’s how I got my wife, Platy the mermaid.

Well, let’s face it, she’s an intrusive wife, but how will my life change with the addition of her?

First of all, I asked her a lot of questions, and she told me that she is a master at making potions.

「The pharmacological magic is the original magic of the mermaids! 」

It seems that

Platy takes off her pants once, her lower body becomes nude and returns to mermaid form she went into the sea and didn’t hear a word from her for a day or two. When she came back to land she carried a variety of fancy compounding equipment.

「I brought it in from home its trousseau! 」

A flask, test tubes and pestle mortar. I saw them in the science lab at school long ago, and there are a few things in front of me that have long since faded into the background of my memory.

Apparently, the tools for making medicines are the same in the other world.

「You can make a magic potion by mixing various medicinal herbs and fruits with magic. The finished magic potion has various effects and can be used by people without magic, so it’s highly valued! 」

「I see.」

However, it helps to be able to get the medicine.

Life from now on, or perhaps even sickness, will surely come someday.

There are some medicines in the tools that I bought from the city, but if I use them, they will be gone someday, and it is reliable that I can make them whenever I need them.

「Oh, it’s outrageous that you think my magic potion is just that! 」

「What do you mean? 」

「Anything, 」

Platy’s answer is so much out that I can’t keep up with her understanding.

「There’s nothing my potion can’t do you can say whatever you want, I’ll instantly grant you a wish! 」

As she confidently declares, I’m tempted to put her skills to the test.

「Well……! 」

I thought a lot about it.

What concerns me the most right now are the vegetables in the field?

I would be very happy if these children, who are growing so well in my hands, would bear fruit as soon as possible.

I’ve heard that not only humans, but also plants have nutritional supplements to maintain health and medicines to combat diseases that only plants can provide.

When I asked her if she could make such a medicine, she was a bit provocative…….

「I can do it! 」

For some reason, she returned it with a belligerent tone.

「。In short, it’s all right to make the crops in this field delicious Then Herring G’s fish manure would be best.」

「fertilizer made from fish」

「Wait a minute」

Platy once again took off her trousers, exposing her pretty buttocks as she jumped into the sea.

It seems that mermaidification is done while swimming.

You’re in such a hurry.

This time, she came back earlier than when she went to get her compounding equipment.

I think it was a little over an hour.

However, what she brought with her this time was a surprise.

It was an insanely big fish.

「This is Ba herring G! 」

From the tip of the nose to the tail fin, it was more than the height of an adult male.

When I first saw it, I was super freaked out thinking it was a shark, but apparently it’s not. The size of the fish is a little off, but if you look closely, the shape is close to that of a blue fish sold in a fish dealer.

Or rather…

「Herring? 」

「Ba herring G! 」

According to a detailed explanation from Platy, a fish is classified as a fish-shaped monster even though it is a fish.

She caught the fish and suddenly chopped its head with her hand-knife.


It seemed to be a kind of magic, and Platy quickly cut the giant fish into small pieces and threw them into the cauldron.

The cauldron that I brought with me along with my mixing utensils looks like it would be used by a witch to make medicine.

Well, I guess that’s actually the case.

Simmer for a long time. Moreover, Platy was mumbling something like an incantation all the while.

She scooped up a piece of meat from a boiled fish and squeeze it all out with some other apparatus.


Is there such a thing?

「Here’s Ba Herring G’s magic fish manure! 」

「Is this squeezed meat fertilizer? not the juice?」

Come to think of it, I’ve heard it before in my previous world.

In the old days, when chemical fertilizers were not developed they used fish to make fertilizer.

They were quite capable and cost-effective, and people who were engaged in their own businesses flourished to build a palace.

「I dried this and crushed it into small pieces….. Sprinkle it in the field! 」

The process would have taken several days, but Platy finished it in a moment by magic or something. 

「Now your fields will be fine, and they’ll grow faster! 」

That’s promising. 

The anticipation of harvest time is like a saga for the farmer.

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on the fish manure, so I decided to call it a day and take a rest.

We had dinner with seaweed and shellfish that we had set aside, I slept with platy together in our hut.

Well, it’s only natural that we’re married, but it’s impossible for us to live together in a shack.

If you’re a man, you can sleep on the floor with a blanket at all, but you can’t let a girl do that.

I’d have to remodel or build a new house… I guess, but at that point I’m accepting living with Platy?

Also, my sanity is about to collapse when I sleep side by side with girls under the same roof.

I did it.

The next morning.

When I looked into the field, I saw that the crops were already bearing fruit.

Each with its branches and ears rich in fruit. It had reached the final stage of its growth.

「You’re really growing fast! 」

And faster than I can imagine!

It looks like they are ready for harvesting!

Before I added fertilizer, they were still in the middle of a growth phase!

Fertilizer is too strong, isn’t it?

「I told you that my potion would be useful.」

Platy woke after me and puffed out her chest with pride.

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  1. He couldn’t have done it with his wife because his Supremacy gift would make doing it with his wife into a world shaking event. And the wife would get pregnant and give birth by the end of the week.


  2. Ba herring G <- there's a pun there: "herring" is "nishi", so the fish is "ba-nishin-g" (vanishing).


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