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08 Mermaid Platy

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BLCI Chapter 08 Mermaid Platy

「My name is Platy. I’m from mermaid family」

Said the mermaid I had hooked up.

Her age is around 20 years old. The impression of a beauty without complaint is that the expression of full of youthfulness and wide open eyes. Her skin was clear and taut, and her hair was lustrous and bright.

Even as a human being on earth, she would be recognized as the most beautiful woman in the world. If only the lower half of the body wasn’t fishy.

「Oh, I’m Itonami… it is Kidan.」

I had changed my name when I moved to the fantasy world, but I had almost forgotten it. I haven’t met anyone in the first time, so I don’t think it’s enough to forget my name.

「Kidan…. that’s my darling’s name…!!!」

「So, wait a minute.」

This mermaid-sama is completely trying to wrap up the story by marrying me. How can that be?

「We mermaids are basically look down on the land races! 」

Why would you suddenly pick a fight?

「I can’t believe I’m being caught by a land dweller who has such contempt for me from the bottom of his heart…! My pride is in tatters! How can you expect me to get back in the water? 」

Yeah, that’s right.

Why don’t you just go on your way?

「I’m already tainted I’ve been defiled by you! I can’t go back to the sea anymore, so I have no choice but to let you be responsible for taking care of me! 」

「Oh, no!!」

But, I want you to wait.

I’m a human being, she’s a mermaid.

I don’t know if it’s possible to get married on the basis of species!

「No, say it’s interracial marriages? It’s hard to get married between different races…! We should reconsider one thing here! 」

I’ll try to encourage you to change your mind from generalizations.

Remembering the old stories I heard in the original world, I can’t help but have a hunch that it’s going to be a tragic love affair, like a marriage to a mermaid.

I can’t wake up even if you can fizzle out and disappear, so could you please go home without hesitation?

「A different species? Oh, this one? 」said mermaid, platy.

She looked down at her own fishy lower body.

「Yeah, with a tail fin like this It’s going to be hard for us to mate. Wait a minute….. 」

She takes a vial from somewhere opens the lid and turns on her mouth.

Could it be a liquid inside?

She gulped it down in one go.

Then, a drastic change occurred.

The lower half of the fishy body splits into two halves and transforms into a human leg as you watch.

A mermaid whose lower body has become a person itself, in other words, just a person.

「How’s that? 」

The luscious leg line beauty appeared before me.

By now, she was no longer a mermaid, but a normal human woman from all sides.

She was a beautiful woman in the extreme, far from normal.

「Now you can marry me without any problems on the ground and give birth to your children! 」

「No……!!  Well……!!」

She was standing proudly on her two legs, but I couldn’t help but be upset by her appearance.

For some reason, her lower body had been a fish’s until just a moment ago.

Tail and fin covered with scales. Beside she wore nothing else.

What happens when that turns into a human leg?


Now she’s transformed into a human’s lower body, she was naked and exposed all sorts of things!

「Anyway, put something on!!」

I don’t care if it’s pants or loincloths!

Otherwise my reason will be destroyed!!

In the end, I ended up accepting to live with her, pushed to the brink by the mess of butt-snapping.

「Do you live alone in a place like this, living a strange life? 」

It was the first time I’d had a guest in the shack, which until today had been my only stronghold.

No, you’re a roommate now.

She really wants to live with me.

「I’ve heard that land dwellers especially humans are tribes that can only live in groups. No? Because they’re basically weak, they’re killed by a monster in a heartbeat.」

「Maybe you’re not wrong about that.」

When I encountered a horned boar in the mountains, I thought I was going to die.

Humans are weak creatures by nature, aren’t they?

「It’s true that you look like a human, but the aura you’re wearing is different from either a human or a demon …… And now you’re becoming more and more suitable for my husband」

Platy smiles with a mischievous and bewitching smile.

Again, Platy is her name.

She’s my wife.

Before I knew it, that’s what happened.

There is a part of me that is somehow relieved to have more housemates like her.

It’s been quite a while since I first started living in a different world, but I felt lonelier than I thought.

I was horrified by the fact that I had almost forgotten my name earlier.

In order for us to live as human beings, it is essential to recognize others.

「So what’s your life here like? 」

Platy asks.

She was now wearing my trousers on her humanized lower body and maintaining a uniform appearance.

At first, she was unhappy, 「I don’t want to wear these lame clothes! 」, but I couldn’t back down.

I even slapped her with an ultimatum: 「You can’t marry me if you can’t wear pants」 and managed to break it.

Eventually I’ll have to buy or make clothes that she likes.

「Even though …… how I say it……. It’s like I am trying to be self-sufficient here. Food, houses and tools. It’s a modest life where I make everything myself and consume it.」

「Hmm, that’s weird.」

I got kicked in the nuts with one word?

You don’t see the romance of self-sufficiency as nothing more than a pointless act?

「But I understood that my husband wanted to live that way, Leave it to me」

「You got it? 」

What on earth?

「In that case, there’s a lot I can do to help, I’m the wife who can support her darling’s daily life.」

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