A couple of men Part 1

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OPP Inn Volume 5 chapter 13 – A couple of men Part 1
Hi, I'm the author.
 I think it's rare for a novel to let you do as you please I only write stories that the author likes, so I'm afraid of your reactions.
Here you go.

They suddenly appeared around evening.

–cling klin cling kiln.

「 Welcome to ‘The Dragon Emperor’s Inn’. Are you staying, or are you dining? 」  

I thought the customers were coming in a little earlier than usual, but I went to serve them. When I looked at the customers who came in, I saw that they were a pair of men.

One of them came at me and started talking, while the other one looked down and seemed to be thinking about something.

「No I’m sorry~. The other lodges are full, so I asked the guild and they told me that this one is in the water today. By the way, the proprietor is a beautiful person why don’t we go to another big inn instead of this desolate one? 」

The man who spoke to me suddenly began to say something rude. The other one still seems to be thinking of something.

「No, this inn is a better fit for me….… More importantly, are you staying here? You said that the other inns were full…」

That’s right, there are other lodges, Then this one here…what?

I checked to see if they would stay here, and it seems that they would stay. I made sure the man who had spoken to me turned around when the other one behind him said something, and I had my ledger and pen ready for him to fill out the inn’s ledger.

You’ve never heard of a ledger before? Every inn had one. In fact, we can’t manage our customers without it…

「No but then, the lady is beautiful No, really like a goddess~. This inn is the “Inn of the Goddess………!  But it’s really beautiful, isn’t it? How about it? Would you like to go out with me? 」

「I’m sorry, but I’ve decided not to accept such an invitation….… Um, sir? I’m sorry if you won’t be staying with us, please leave. Or is it a meal? In that case, if you’ll just wait a little longer, I’ll have it ready for you soon? 」

「No, no, my partner is a little more reluctant, so…? 」

The man who turns his head away as if he was called by his partner again.

(This guy’s getting soft all of a sudden, I’ve heard that Italians are the first to hit on women when they meet them, but is it the same for otherworldly people? Well, if he’s staying the night, I’ve prepared my ledger…)

I open the pages of my ledger while the men are having a conversation. This ledger is already nearing the end of its third book. It’s time to prepare a new ledger…..

Rather, I wonder if all Italians are so quick to give a shout out. If I’m wrong, it’s definitely the TV influence….

As I was thinking about these stupid things…..

「May I have a moment? 」

「…..? ……yes? 」

The man who had spoken to me earlier called out to me, so I turned to him…..


There was a dull, silvery object in front of him.

「Do you know what this is? If you don’t want that beautiful face to be marred, you should let us have all the sales.」

「… what? 」

「Hello? Didn’t you hear me? I’d like you to give me your money. Oops, it’s no use trying to resist, for I’ve been a Level 43 adventurer in this way and he’s ready behind me to do magic all the time.」

Two new customer turn into robbers with faces confident of victory with knives pointed at me. He seems confident of victory as he thrusts his weapon at me, who seems almost unarmed.

Well, my equipment is a ledger and a pen, so I guess they can’t help it…

「Aren’t you staying overnight? 」

「What are you talking about in this situation? Are you an idiot? The sooner you pay for it the less pain you’ll have to go through for the record, this knife is not a threat it’s the real deal. Now give me the money as soon as you get it because he’s not as patient as I am back there’s no telling when he is going to unleash his magic, or what? Are you ready to be my girl? That’s fine with me, though.」

(Ah~ I knew what to say, but I didn’t really expect to be robbed in such a tempting way.

How did I know that?

The man who talked to me said, 「Since other inns were full, this inn was introduced」, right? Well, since it doesn’t seem to be a very busy inn, it can be said that it can’t be helped….

But even so, it is still a reputable inn that competes for first and second place in the royal city. These days, there are guests who can’t stay at my inn, so they have no choice but to stay at another inn. The only one that doesn’t apply to this is 『The Garden of Delight』.

I don’t know what to do……… After all, shall we build an additional inn? Then my burden will increase, won’t it? I think I can manage my sleep time with Ushin’s skill of increasing it on her own….

However, I still want to have time for myself.

All right, let’s get some more employees!

Oh, and I can’t get a scratch with a knife….. As well as in magic).

When I was troubled about the future management of the inn rather than dealing with the robbery, which is neither a surprise nor anything to say to the contrary. Another person began to talk thinking that my head was not caught up with something sudden.

「Still? I’m dying to try out this new equipment, you can let loose if you want to take a dig at it, right? 」

As I looked at it, the man’s finger was equipped with a disproportionately finely crafted ring.

That ring looked somehow familiar…..

I delimited it with subtleties.
I usually write around 2000 to 3000 characters.
Maybe next time there will be some fight scenes........
See you in the next story.

4 thoughts on “A couple of men Part 1

  1. I just want to know, the in keeper or the king… who’s going to have fun first taking out the trash?


  2. What is with this shitty excuse of a cliffhanger? Just finish the “conflict” within the chapter you write it in, it’s not like it’s worth even a sentence.


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