Couple of man (Part 1 II)

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OPP Inn Volume 5 Chapter14 – Couple of man (Part 1 II)
For some reason.
I was going to update this in the evening, but I fell asleep.
Then it is a continuance. 

A man equipped with a familiar ring heightened his magical powers.

「This tool is great… because I have about 40 MATs, so I can shoot as many magic as a hero class.」

(Hah, it seems that adventurers these days, as soon as they have a strong tool, they want to use it. It turned out to be such a worthless thing too…….. I’m sorry for the tools. I wonder if the girl from the magic shop that came to us a long time ago had a better use for it. …and you know there’s a risk of an outburst if you don’t use the right tool suited for you, right? Do you want me to tell you a little bit about it?)

「ano 〜 」

「What’s the matter, are you in the mood for some money or my girl…? 」

「No, neither but… even more, it’s dangerous unless you use something that fits your size isn’t it? It’s better to remove it immediately if you’re not above 50 level? 」

Well, I can’t help predicting their reaction, but I gave them some advice.

「Shut up!!! Shut the f**k up!! I’ll kill you!!!」

It was just as expected. It might be better to say that it was so predictable that it was no longer difficult to remove it.

The man must be a mage, the average mage should have more than 50 MATs but this man said it was about 40 maybe he has a complex about his lack of magic and he is feeling good because he found a magic tool to solve it. Well, whatever the reason, it’s not a good reason to bother people around you.

Now, what do we do with these two?

The only thing I need to ask them is…

「Oh… what are you going to do with my sales money? And if I could give you some money, would you help me? 」

「It’s not your business about what we do with the money. And if you pay me, I’ll keep you alive. I don’t want to lose someone as beautiful as you so, I’ll take you back to the compound and make you my personal slave. What do you think? Isn’t it a good condition?

It’s a good thing you’re happy to be blessed with so many options to live as a slave only for me with money, or die here without money.」

The robber 1 who smiles and laughs teasingly. The way the guys who were so sure of their victory laughed, every single one of these is the same and it’s disgusting.

「…..that’s nothing to be thankful for, you know. Both of those suggestions are upsetting, too. Hmm ……I’m sure you’re right, I’ll let you two spend your time in the castle’s jail.」

 I declares that as soon as I held the pen. Of course, if you use it to write you don’t point it at people, because it’s pointy and dangerous.

When the two robbers saw the posture, they started laughing out loud.

「Ahiya ahiya hiyah!!!! This woman wants to fight!!!」

「Fufu, it seems so. It’s my favourite to train a woman who resists me to my liking, so I’d like you to do more and more useless resistance as it is.」

「Keke! I don’t understand your taste, as usual. Well, my magic might even obliterate your bones.」

「I hope you’ll take it easy on me because as long as I’m alive, I can fix any number of things with the Recovery Pill.」

The robbers gave a lowly laugh. It’s about time for the official guests to arrive.

「Why don’t you shoot the greenhorn spell as soon as possible? Mat 40 magician! 」 

I tried to provoke him.

「!!! You’re going to die! 『fire』!! ! !」

The first super rudimentary magic you learn in the nurturing school jumped out at you from your opponent.

A huge mass of flame that can’t be thought of as a rudimentary magic is coming towards me by the effect of the magic tool. But…

「… Ha ha ha ha ha ha! … ha ha ha! … ha ha ha! … Ha ha ha! … Make me a fool… and get the reward… ha ha!!!」

「Well, there’s no bones left, as I said It’s very unfortunate, but it can’t be helped because she provoked me…… 」

He is a mage whose spirit has been drained from him because he used powerful magic that is out of proportion to his capacity. After all, it doesn’t seem to be working well because it’s not the right level…. That’s why I warned you.

The other man, who didn’t look at all sorry beside the breathless mage man, put his hand to his head and murmured.

A mass of fire coming straight at me. The ledger, which is just a piece of paper would be burned if it were to be approached like this, not to mention me. If they burned the ledger, I’d probably quit running the inn……..

(It can’t be helped……… I’ll put out the flames… What Should I you like? Oh, let’s make that magic.)

I muttered quietly.

『Extremely-stifled Zone』

It’s a magic that forms an extreme gravitational force field that crushes anything that comes in to the atomic level. If you have a MAT 200 or so, you can cast it.

Place that magic in the line of fire of my opponent’s magic and mine. The only thing is that nothing has changed in the way it looks. The opponent’s magic that reached my magic force field was extinguished in an instant as if the huge flames were a lie. …… surely the very core were gone extinguished. 

「wha!?  what!?」

The robber 2 falls flat on the knees, bows his head.   He must have run out of energy. Well, it can’t be helped that the magic was forced to be erased in the middle….

He won’t be able to stand up anymore.

「Oh, that’s why I warned you……… That’s what happens when you use equipment that doesn’t fit your capacity, right? From now on, don’t rely on that kind of equipment and make an effort to grow on your own. 」

At the end of my words, the second robber stopped twitching.

For now, robber 2 is over.
Next time you fight off robbery 1.
There are some battle scenes, but please don't expect too much description.
See you in the next story.Postscript.
Let me give you a supplementary explanation of the content in the text.
1. It takes some time for the magic of Robbery 2 to reach you, but that's the harm of forcing the magic to increase.Speed is sacrificed in order to increase the power of the magic to the hero class. This is why it is so slow compared to normal magic.
2. I'm using expressions that I don't understand very well, but they're like Carla’s little revenge for the words of the robber.
3. I'm sorry if you say, "It's hard to understand the explanation of 2!"...
4. it’s not a typo to say 『 to heal』 With RPG, there are many remedies that can heal even if you are seriously injured.
We treat it as expensive in the world, but not without it.

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  1. So much wasted text on these 2 nobodies, what a stupid attempt at extending the pointless crap, just get back on the actual story ffs!


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