Goblin slayer year one chapter 23

A new mage!!!

What does Kumo Kagyu meant to with a newly introduced mage?, Does she have anything to do with next chapter release of the main manga. Kumo Kagyu have already done this type of thing with the spin off brand new day with the introduction of hero and she made a entrance in the main manga with goblin slayer on chapter 21.

GS meeting end of Magus of Electricity
Magus of Electricity

The mysterious ring passing for 2 chapters have made it’s true self in this chapter a breather ring. Along with it we get to see a new character Arc mage – magician of eletricity, she tend to be like a shut in mad scientist engulfed in their thoughts. On encounter with goblin slayer she has been working with physchic cards we can assume she is reading some ones future maybe hers finding she will be receiving the ring or the goblin slayer’s one where he finds a ring her amusement on hearing a ring makes it all suspicious. Does the mage have a black history like sword maiden.


Her reactions to goblin slayer’s words for killing goblins makes it a peculiar stance, what will be the goblin slayers new tool to kill goblins. The weight of the line “The rolling dices of god of destiny and god of faith” has been implying goblin slayer’s path doesn’t stray but it can impact on the path of others.

The hype for next chapter has going on to never seen before height in this manga will it satiate the reader’s heart’s desire for it.

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