The girl’s muttering

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Chapte_39 – The girl’s muttering

My name is Momoko Akesaka.
Ordinary high school girls like everywhere……
One day, I was suddenly summoned to another world.
It was like an anime or a video game, but it was undeniably real.
This world is on the verge of a war with the demon race and they want the power to fight for it. So they summoned a brave man from another world.

Because the gods give skills to the brave men summoned to other worlds.
The skill that came with me when I was summoned was 『Scythe of the Goddess +2』. It was an excellent skill derived from Athena, the god of war.
Its effect is to kill any opponent with one blow under certain conditions. Regardless of the characteristics or compatibility of the subject, it seems to have an effect even on immortal existence.
Conditional, meaning that it only works for those who are lower level than the user themselves.
That means it won’t work against someone stronger than me.
But my ‘『Goddess Scythe』 has a 『+2』 auxiliary effect. Thanks to this aid, one-shot death is activated even against a somewhat higher-ranked opponent.
He said that the ‘+1’ auxiliary effect was occasional, but the ‘+2’ was rarely.
This skill has made me more than enough of a welcome in another world.
Everyone I met including the king, praised me as a Hero. That’s why I’m going to fight hard in this world. To save this world and to return to mine one day.

That’s how I started to fight but life in the other world was far harsher than I thought it would be.
Above all, this world was much less civilized than the one I was from.
I’m not talking about the lack of electricity or the lack of a smartphone and any of those dimensions.
The food, the sleeping and the clothes I wore were unspeakably poor.
The staple food of the average person in this world is bread.
But it’s a poor substitute for the bread I knew and ate in my former world.
It was so hard that it looked like a hardened mirror cake and my teeth were chipped from eating it normally.
It can’t be helped so, I blended it with the water served with it before eating it.
Tea, coffee and all that fancy stuff doesn’t exist in this world.
Filthily, flea-infested bedrooms.
The pants and bra I wore from the original world have long since worn out and become trash. Clothes from this world that I wear instead are so rough that you’d think they were jute bags.
It always stings when it comes into direct contact with the skin.
The majority of people from other worlds cannot adjust to these harsh conditions and will soon become emaciated and die.
When I was summoned to this world, there were about a dozen people who were apparently summoned with me but how many of them are still alive today?
After being summoned, they seemed to have been sorted into various places according to the skills they each possessed and I haven’t seen them again since that day.
Speaking of which, what happened to that one old man who was diagnosed as “unskilled”?
I knew he was dead already, didn’t I?
I must always be aware that I, with skills as good as mine and cherished by the kings for that reason am in a very limited and privileged environment.
You have to fight, fight, fight through it.
For the people of this world.
Because I’m a Hero, chosen by God and given skills!
*    *    *
It was such a shocking event that shattered everything about me.
Thanks to the Scythe of the 『Goddess +2 』 skill, I was certified by the kingdom as a first-class hero and I had gone to the front lines of the war in order to fulfil my duties commensurate with my title.
The enemy is the demon race.
I slashes down the monsters that the demon tribe sends at right and left.
The number of monsters was inexhaustible and no matter how much I slashed at them with the Scythe of the 『Goddess +2』, I didn’t feel like the end was in sight.
A battlefield of chaos that seems to last forever.
That crowded battle suddenly came to a halt.
The humans, demons and even monsters were suddenly struck by something that flew in from the sky and forgot to breathe!
One of the two greatest disasters in the world, which I have been taught many times by the people of this world.
They even say that if you see it, you have to be prepared to die. A monster among monsters.
How did it get to the battlefield of demons and humans?
The supremacy or rather the spirit that the dragon emitted made everyone in both camps unable to move and stiffen.
You can’t even run away, let alone fight.
This is the power of the world’s most powerful creature, the dragon?

I am a Hero and I know it. You can tell just by looking at it.
Even I, with my ‘Goddess Scythe’ skill that allows me to kill the target in one blow can never kill that monster.
The power difference is far too great.
Even if there was a ‘+2’ aid to fill the level difference between me and the target no even if there was a ‘+100’ catastrophic aid it wouldn’t be enough for me to kill that dragon.
I can be the strongest in the world, at least because of the skills God has given me. I thought there was hope for that.
Are you saying that the elevation of the strongest people in this world extends farther up than I can imagine?
『”…to all the lesser races present on this battlefield…』
Is that the voice of the dragon?
Is that a talking dragon?
『I am the daughter of the great dragon king, Geyser Dragon. Grinzel Dragon Vielle, I am now with Lord Saint Kidan.』
Daughter of the Dragon King?
Lord Saint?
You mean there are more than just dragons out there?
『Good day, I came to send back the insolent fellow who had defied my lord. its not dead, It’s our Lord’s mercy.’』
said the Dragon, throwing about three people from his hand to the ground.
Is that a demon?
『I’ll tell all the lower races here, Demon race or human race. My Lord, being merciful will forgive a little disrespect but not me. Disrespect to the Lord is disrespect to me.』
And the dragon breathed fire.

Not to the ground, but to the sky.
But the flames were so large that they covered the entire sky and the hot wind from the aftermath sent hundreds of soldiers of both the human and demon armies flying away.

It was a breath towards the sky, so that’s the extent of it but if it had been a direct hit on the ground the two armies here would have been wiped out five times in total.
『If you show disrespect to my Lord again, I promise you that this breath will hit your most populated city. My Lord’s name is Kidan the Saint, take that name to heart and remember it and the enemy of the Saint can be the enemy of this Grinzel dragon, Vielle!』
And so the dragon left. With the flap of its wings, creating a tornado-like storm.
After the dragon left, I was left alone and unable to move for a while.
As well as tens of thousands of other warrior-soldiers.
I was conceited. I was proud to be the strongest in the world, with a little skill from God. There is a wall too high for me in this world.
One of the absolute people behind the wall must be that dragon.
And who is this saint to make even a dragon follow!
Saint Kidan.
From that day on, I never forgot that name not a single day.

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