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Chapter 41 House → food → Next

It’s been a long time since I moved to this settlement.
The house will be built and there will be a greater variety of foods available.
It means that life is becoming more and more satisfying.
There is no end to our greed and when we are satisfied, we want something new again.
Clothes. Clothing to wear.

That’s the mark of a civilized people. It is not an exaggeration to say that this is the most obvious difference that separates man from ape.
I’ve neglected that clothing relationship for a long, long time.
The nylon shirts and trousers that were summoned with me from the original world have long since become worn out and ragged.
And there was a lot of outdoor work.
In anticipation of this, I had bought a large amount of clothing in King’s Landing, but it was getting worn out and reaching its limits.
Most importantly, there is an overwhelming lack of lower body clothing for my wife Platy to wear.
No, I’d say it’s a nonexistence.
Because she is a mermaid by nature.
Essentially, her lower body is the tail fin of a fish that swims freely in the ocean.
In that state, of course there is no need for clothing. Rather disturbing.
So for mermaids underpants, skirts and the like were a non-existent concept.
But that’s not how it works on land.
Mermaids on land change their lower bodies from fish to human-like in response to their environment.

The lower half of the body, which wears nothing in the water wears nothing on land.

The result is unladylike, stark naked.
The only thing I could do to prevent that was to push the pants I was wearing around.
At first, Platy complained that it was too tight and tacky is now totally used to wearing pants.
However, I am not confident that her adjustment to the situation is not good for me. The fact that I have to put up with my loving wife.
On the surface, she says she’s used to it but she’s also an old girl.
You may want to dress up in more sunny pants and skirts.
That’s the infuriating male thing and it’s shared with her husband, me.

I want Platy to look gorgeous in Platy’s own beautiful skirts, pants, etc., and I want Platy to look gorgeous! That’s when I decided what I have wanted to achieve next.
You’ve built a house, you’ve accumulated food and the next thing you get is clothing!

*    *    *
That’s why I decided to make clothes.

If I had the 『Supreme Bearer』 gift from the god Hephaistos, it would be just as ready as all the food, hardware and houses I’ve made in the past.
I also used the mana metal that sensei gave me to make the necessary tools such as scissors and needles.

In the process of building the house, they felt the need to prepare a set of bedding and there is an abundance of cotton fabric that was grown, harvested and woven by the goblins.
In the meantime, I decided to make as many clothes as I could from these as I could make.

*    *    *
「I got it!」
A few clothes for now. A simple pair of pants and a shirt.
I made some clothes for Platy, as well as my own and some of the Orcobos.

「Oh! It’s a perfect fit! 」

「Thank you my lord, now we can work the fields!」

The Orcobos only wore one crude loincloth when they migrated from the dungeon.

The loincloth itself is a mystery as to where the loincloth itself came from but now, with its crisp top and bottom clothes in place it looks like a rather normal villager.
I feel refreshed with a new set of clothes myself.
If this makes Platy happy, which is the key……..

「The design doesn’t look right.」

Platy showed somewhat delicate expression, holding the cotton skirt given to her by me.

「Oh? Don’t get me wrong, I’m so happy to have my darling make my clothes for me! …I’m just wondering if it’s fashionable to wear these clothes…! 」

A grave fact has been revealed.
The gift that seemed to be perfect 『Supreme Bearer』 It doesn’t even cover the artistry of the creature.
I had no fashion sense…!

This is not going to prepare an outfit that will please Platy, the naive youngster…!

「By the way, how does the veil get dressed? 」
Platy asked Veil, who was standing next to her.
You’re right, she’s wearing clothes like a hoot when she goes from dragon form to human form.

「Of course it’s made by magic. Don’t underestimate the dragon’s magic.」
「Oh, aren’t dragons in different level.」

Even if there was a『Supreme Bearer』, I knew I couldn’t make a stylish outfit with my lack of fashion sense.

So what do we do now?
Do we have to outsource someone else to this place?

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