Recruit training Part 1


Newcomer training Part 1


I received many welcome back comments from everyone when I last posted.
Thank you.
So, for now, let’s start with this one.
Newcomer training begins.
Well, here you go.



Today is the first night since my acceptance was decided.

After the acceptance, the discussion went relatively smoothly.


Let’s reminisce a bit about yesterday, shall we?




Well then, you’ll start your training tomorrow as soon as possible. I can’t just put you guys in front of our customer all of a sudden. It’s not going to be that hard but rest and get some energy today.


I think three of us were fired up after being told by Ms. Carla, the owner of the inn we were going to stay at.


Well, I’ll start tomorrow, but my luggage is still in town.


Former noble Rique said. Her language doesn’t sound very aristocratic but I’m not sure what’s going on.


Oh, and I left it in the town I was based in too: …….


Oh, I left it in town too. It would take me two days to go back and forth to pick it up. ……


It would take me four days to get to my town and back. Carla, isn’t it a bit tough to start tomorrow?


Then she confirms with Carla.


Carla’s blank expression didn’t twitch in response to our comment.


Oh, it’s all right. If you ask the guild for the luggage, the guild members will be responsible for transporting it. Anyway, Luca-san are you sure your luggage is safe?


Carla calls out to the other successful applicant, a woman named Luca. Come to think of it, she didn’t seem to react particularly to what we said either.


I’m fine. Whenever I came to ask for help at Carla’s, I made sure to visit after I’d cleared out my base.


She is a woman of great rigidity. Carla talked about preparedness and I can tell that she was much more prepared for this exam than I was.


Well, what about the two of you? If you are going to request, I think you should ask the covert guild receptionist lady “Ririka” who is still quietly looking here. Isn’t that right, Rika san?


Carla calls out to me about halfway between me and Luca. We must be the only ones in the vicinity. ……!


I knew Carla would find out. The other kids didn’t seem to notice.


Swaying, the space shook and there was a woman in a guild uniform standing there before I knew it.


When did this happen? …….


I’m sure Rika san’s covertness is amazing. As expected of a legendary adventurer who no one could find her tail for two months even with the entire guild searching for her.


No, no, even if it’s said by Carla-san, who has seen through my stealth lightly like that has even become a living legend within the guild, ……, I’m subtly happy, aren’t I?


I’m not sure if she’s really a former noblewoman but she’s got this unrelenting stench of commonness about her.


Oh, and more than that,


I’ve got it all packed up, so I think it’s okay if you just carry it out.


Oh, I’ll ask you to do that. I don’t care if they steal it or not but just in case.



Rika san and Carla are having a chirpy exchange, and we both make a request to move our luggage.


Yes, Our guild will be responsible for transporting them.


Ririka san’s expression changed from that of a nosy neighbourhood sister when she was talking to Carla and transformed into a serious woman who can do her job. The switching power is not half-hearted.


After checking a few things that needed to be done, she dashed back to the guild. She is a very, very cool woman.


Now, I’ve heard that the guild in King’s Landing is large and has thorough guidance from its staff it should be safe to leave the luggage to them.


I’m wondering what we’re going to do now.


Now that we’ve got the baggage out of the way, I’d like to move on to the training.

As I mentioned earlier, you will be staying overnight for tomorrow training. Oh, don’t worry about the rooms, the three of you will be in the same room but we have a room for the employees. It may be a little cramped but make yourself at home.

So, we’re starting the training tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. Please gather in front of the reception counter.

Now, let me show you to your room.


With that, Carla went inside the inn.

The three of us nodded to each other and followed Ms. Carla into the inn, as we couldn’t make her wait.




Oh, yeah, it was like this. I still have the two of them beside me but we got to know each other a little better in the room.


As soon as we entered the inn, Carla asked us to follow her. I thought when I stayed before but the atmosphere of the inn is not only old but also historical, calm and very comfortable. I am so happy to be able to work at this inn from now on.


I have dreams of conquering the Clan Reed Mountains but I’m not sure I’m good enough right now. I heard that Carla is a former adventurer and one of the conquerors of the Clan Reed Mountains. I think it’s good to learn a lot.


There were only eight people in the past who had conquered the Clan Reed Mountains and all of them were SS-level adventurers or above. This meant that Carla was at least a SS level adventurer or above, although it was hard to imagine from her appearance. Speaking of which, I think Ririka san told me earlier that she was a living legend or something like that. …… Truly, people are not what they seem. Where in those slender arms does she find the strength to conquer the Clan Reed Mountains?

In the meantime, I came in front of one of the rooms. The room is somewhat familiar to me all around.


This will be the room that you all will be using. We have everything you need for your daily life. There is no bath and toilet in the room, so you will have to use the bath and toilet in the inn. We don’t set a specific time for bathing, but please don’t behave too strangely as you may run into other guests. Well, let’s leave the details for tomorrow.

From today, this will be your home, so please make yourselves at home. Well, I have a lot of work to do.


With those words, Carla enters the room.

It was no surprise that it looked familiar. The next room was the one we had visited three days ago.


Now, they say you’re free to do the rest. But suddenly, the three of us look at each other unsure of what to do. Being the oldest here (and I probably am), I will have to say something.


Let’s go into the room for now, shall we? Let’s calm down a bit and introduce ourselves properly. We only know each other’s names. 


When I suggested that.


Haha, yes, I forgot that we just met each other today. Well then let’s go in, shall we?


I’ll open it then.


Rique san agreed with a light laugh. I think the hard air has loosened up a bit. Her unique way of speaking seems to have the effect of easing the air.

In response to rique’s words, luca opens the door to the room.


This is ……




“Wow. …….”


When we opened the entrance door, all three of us were surprised. I guess …… that’s just the way it is.

The room that opened up was quite large.

Three beds with clean sheets are placed firmly on the floor, and a desk is provided for office use. There is a set of table and chairs to enjoy a little tea, etc., and a cooking area for making tea. The bookshelves are lined with books that have become relatively easy to obtain thanks to recently developed paper manufacturing technology, and the large windows look out onto the backyard of the inn, where various flowers are in bloom. The room is equipped with a grimoire lamp so that the room can be brightened at night. That alone was surprising enough, but there was something even more surprising.


There was a door with a plate with each of our names on it, so I wondered what it was and when I opened it, I found a space where five people could easily sleep. From the looks of it, it’s probably a dressing room or a warehouse. It was honestly more than I expected to see.


No, it’s way too much beyond what I expected.

Worst-case scenario, the three of us were prepared to sleep together face to face, but we were treated too well, weren’t we?


The room is about twice as big as Carla’s room, which makes me slightly nervous. Luckily, the other two people froze up, probably because they didn’t expect it, so it didn’t turn out to be an embarrassing situation where I was the only one who was surprised to see this room.


I didn’t expect this. I never thought I’d get a room this nice.


After looking around the room in amazement until each of us was satisfied, we decided just which bed we would use for the time being and settled down.


After everyone is frolicking for a little while, rique-san starts talking about the topic. Oops, as an elder, I can’t stay in that way with them.


I heard they hadn’t even decided how many people they were going to hire, and since they suddenly hired three people, I thought the worst that could happen was that we’d have to sleep together in a big room.


Yeah, that’s right. I thought so too.


‘Yes, Well, even if it’s sudden, I’m sure Carla-san can manage at least one room.


Huh? Why?


What do you mean that Carla would be able to handle at least one of the rooms?


rique also wondered about it and asked luca about it.


Oh! umm, I’m a regular here but I always come across a strange scene every time.


Especially when it’s time to clean up. …… is full of Carla.


I know you don’t know what I’m talking about, but it’s a strange phenomenon anyway. I asked Carla about it, but she said it’s a secret, so I still don’t know what’s going on. ……


Fully by CARLA? Isn’t that more of a bizarre phenomenon than a wonder?


That’s strange. Maybe we’ll be one of the wonders from now on.


Is that all you can get rid of!?


Nn~? Well, I guess we’ll just have to clean it up. You won’t know how strange it is until you see it.


I’m convinced that’s true.

Thanks to Luca’s mysterious topic, everyone seems to have recovered from their surprise, so I’m going to go on with the story, although I’m forcing myself to do so.


Well, as we were talking about before we entered the room, let’s introduce ourselves ……, no, you don’t have to use honorifics anymore, so let’s introduce ourselves again.


Let me start from myself,


I’m Carmine Sylves. I don’t feel like being exposed to a lot of embarrassing pasts, but I’m the Silvus of [Dexterity]. Not now, but before I quit I was a B-level adventurer. I’m 25 years old. From now on, I look forward to working with you as a fellow employee of the inn.


I’ll introduce myself in a safe manner. I don’t have very good memories of being given disgraceful second name “dexterous poor”, but getting a second name is an honour so in the end, I guess I’m a bit of a kind of person.


As I finish my introductions, they each say hello to me. I sat down on the bed and then Rique stood up on the bed. Then, she began to introduce herself in her usual unique tone of voice.


I’m next. I’m “Rique Adolph Berxon Milledia Casben.” Well, don’t mind the long name. When you call it, it’s okay to use rique. Ah~, they’ve given me a great second name, [Princess of the Swordsman]. Adventurer rank is A level. In case you’re wondering, I was told I was an associate S-class or something like that. I’m 26 years old . Nice to meet you.


…… She was older than me, apparently. And second name are cool. Absolutely better than [dexterity poor].


Rique is a perfectly aristocratic lady in appearance. Her face and hair are always clean enough to be seen, but her clothes are light Armour reminiscent of the strong women of her career. Because of this, it only seems that the daughter of the noble family is playing in the clothes of the common people. But perhaps the most surprising thing is the peculiar way of speaking, which is unimaginable from its appearance. The way she speaks with a slight lengthening of the end of words is very unbalanced compared to the appearance of a young lady.

Well, I’m not going to pay attention to the way people talk, because it’s like a hobby of theirs. ……


Luca and I both said, “Nice to meet you”.


Rique-san nodded in satisfaction and sat down on the bed. She really doesn’t behave like a former noble. Oh, it’s okay because it’s original.


That’s me at the end, isn’t it? I’m called luca Zukunft. I’m a former adventurer like you. The rank was B grade. The year is 25. I’m looking forward to working with you from now on. Also, do I have to tell you my second name?


Finally, luca stands up and begins to introduce herself. You’re the same age as me or ……. Let’s be friends from now on. Let’s start by calling her luca, shall we?


No, I don’t want it. Luca, ……we’re the same age, so we can just call her Luca, right? ……If Luca’s second name was something embarrassing, or something dishonourable like my second name, you wouldn’t like to say it.


Yeah, that’s right. There are a lot of poor adventurers who get second names because they think they’re cool. If anything, it’s rather lame and uncool, isn’t it? My second name would be pretty embarrassing if people thought I was cool.


That’s a gut punch. I thought it was cool or something. ……


However, it’s easy to get to the question that no one has been able to say for years, rique-san. I’m sure there have been times when I’ve thought ‘that’s lame’ or ‘I’m not embarrassed to be called that’, but it’s rare for someone to be so blunt. Most people just turn away and say ‘yes, that’s a good second name, ohohohoho’ and let the words slip away. ……


I see. ……. Thank you. I look forward to working with you both from now on.


With these words from luca, the self-introduction came to an end.




This is how the story progressed. We ended up getting so excited after that that we kept talking until Carla came to invite us for dinner. We’re going to be working together from now on, so it’s nice to get to know each other.


Yeah, you’re probably wondering why I’m reminiscing about yesterday like this, right? Well, it’s like a little escape from reality. ……


The time now is 9:20. It’s time for training to begin at the inn. ……


…… Why are we in the wilderness ??????

Yes, a few points, some explanations.
I thought Mr. Silves was an older man because rique and luca looked around twenty years old. Nothing less, nothing more. Please don’t go into it too much.
As for the two names, the girls got them because they stood out in a special way. Most of the time, it’s only when you get to S class or equivalent that you might get two names: …….
And an apology.
I’ve been out of the game for a long time.
I’m getting a little confused about the settings and such. I made it myself. …….
Please forgive me if this may seem uncomfortable at times.
See you in the next episode. 
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TL.N: Only three more chapters for this volume after that i’m planning on mass release of available chapters of volume 7 which is the last and final for this novel. 
Here’s episode 1 of Wave! Listen to me anime. I enjoyed the manga.
Enjoy this episode for the time 


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