Activating Devil eye

 Activating Devil eye

 Volume 1 Chapter 11

My brain was a little reluctant to receive Mr. Kass’s words.

He opens his mouth and tell me to go kill another lord. That’s the bottom line.


Assassination ……? 


Yes, it is. It would be easy with Devil eye of Destruction. You can destroy it just by looking at it.


I parroted back and Mr. Kasu returned it with a surprised look on his face. Even as he was talking, he was holding his forehead as if he wasn’t feeling well.


I know about Devil eye of Destruction. That objects, even physical bodies, could be destroyed in an instant just by looking at them. As for the destruction of flesh, you can easily blow off an arm or shatter a gut without anyone knowing.


As he spoke, Cass-san looked at the documents piled up on his office desk. He pulled the papers out of there and clicked one tongue.

He said with an expression of displeasure on his face, not quite the look he would have directed at his daughter.


With your Devil’s Eye, you could easily take the life of a single lord. Now go do it.


He said it so carelessly and I quickly narrowed my eyes.


Oh, this man thinks of me as nothing more than one of the convenient assassins who’s at disposal as his daughter.

This is surely not the kind of fatherly behaviour, we can expect from him in the future. Well, maybe this person will die before then. Anyway, I’m going to shake things up.


Father, if you’ll excuse me I have to ask. May I ask what your intentions are in targeting the Lords of Cornain?


I tried my best to return the question politely and calmly and Cass-san clicked his tongue once more. He opened his mouth with a troublesome look on his face.


What’s that? Oh, no. Count Cornain profits from trade with the Duchy of Altena, a region that is quite prosperous for a frontier region. If we get it, we can solve our territory’s financial problems and the problems of its people in one fell swoop. It would be quickest to take it from where it is .


As he spoke, Cass-san tossed the papers he was holding in hand to me. The information on it includes reports on the income and expenditure of the Cornain territory, the number of the lords, and other information that’s shared among the lords.

I see, as I glance at it. I’m not sure how big or small the numbers are but it seems that they are certainly making a solid positive balance. It is very different from the Besjövel territory, I guess.

After taking one look at me as I looked down at the documents, Cass-san sniffed.


In addition, I owe Count Cornyn a number of debts. Money-wise and otherwise, It’s time to settle up.


I squinted more and more at his words. So this guy is plotting to wipe out his own debt. In the most despicable way possible: assassination of a lender.


I’m inclined to say a lot of things. However, I don’t want to do that and get hurt and I don’t want to get angry. As I remained silent, Cass-san finally said with an irritated expression.


Now get on with it.


I see, I understand.


I bow my head to Mr. Cass as he throws the words at me. This is a good place to show you how to pretend to do as you’re told for once. It’s been less than two years, but I’ve been a member of society as a working women and I know what I’m talking about.

In addition, Mr. Cass laughed with satisfaction when he saw how I was doing.


Very well, please ask Stefan how to get to the Cornain Territory—ngghughhham


Oh, my God, father?


However, when he put his hand on the elbow rest of the chair to stand up Mr. Cass’s expression became distorted and he cowered. No, I’d say he fell down. There was also a loud thud. I peeked over the side of the desk to see what was going on and he was in terrible pain, holding his chest. He must have bumped it, and his head is bleeding as well.




Father! Father, someone, quickly!


This is not just a thing. I raise my voice hastily and call help. I wondered if I could reach him even if I raised my voice from inside the office and when I opened the door, the butler of this pavilion was just there. It’s Stefan who was mentioned earlier.


young lady, what is it !


Oh my God, father suddenly collapsed and started suffering……!


Seeing my expression, Stefan’s face also changed bloody. As I hurriedly explained the situation, the blood drained from Stefan’s face.


No way, He’s having a chronic seizure ……! I’m going to call the doctor, miss, please step back!




After speaking to me in rapid succession, Stefan hurriedly disappeared across the hallway. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a telephone in such a different world. If I wanted to call a doctor, I would probably have to call him in person.


However, I thought he looked sick but I didn’t know he really had a chronic illness.




I come back incidentally into office. There, Mr. Cass is still cowering and suffering, barely able to breathe. If we don’t deal with this soon, it could be really deadly.

Nevertheless, this was Mr. Cass having a seizure on his own and collapsing on his own. I didn’t really do anything this time.


(I didn’t do anything …… but I’m sure I would now)


I do nothing. However, if I did something here and now, would anyone notice?

I’m not sure what I’m supposed to be doing but I’m going to try to get some help.


Father, I’ll go and fetch the doctor now.


“Gu, ku ……!”


Mr. Cass doesn’t reply to my words. No, I guess I can’t afford that right now. I let out an agonized groan.

Now, no one will ever find out. Imagine Mr. Cass’s head, the brain inside his skull, and very weakly, put some pressure on the chest.





Letting out a small shout, I opened Devil eye for a moment. I can see the magic power that flew out of my eyes and pierced Cass-san’s head in a thin line. Now that should have destroyed your brain a little bit.

At that moment, Cass’s body jumped. The body that had been crouched down opens up, rolls over on the floor and slumps down.




Father, Father!


I pretends to be upset and hangs on to Mr. Cass. He still seems to be breathing, but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to do a lord’s job with it. He is bedridden.


They must have heard the commotion there. Benjamin, Bartel, Linda and Casandra came in. Benjamin-kun gave a small laugh as he looked at Cass-san, who was struggling to fall down.


I’m glad you’re doing well, Lady Nora.


It seems Master Eleonora is also an assassin in the making.


Linda also spoke with a relieved smile. Indeed, it’s terrifying for an assassin to be able to deal with a human so easily. After all, all you have to do is look, and you can hurt them without leaving any trauma.

Nevertheless, I swear, Mr. Cass had a seizure first.


No, you see, I didn’t do anything. It’s just that suddenly that man had a seizure and started suffering …… and collapsed on his own …….


I don’t have to make excuses, but I tend to end up making excuses. Casandra spoke up, narrowing her eyes at my appearance.


Miss Eleonora?


She called out and I couldn’t stand it. I turned away and blurted out a few words.


…… Well, I used it a little bit, secretly, when I was picking up that guy who fell down. …… right at his head.


Hearing those words, all four of them opened their eyes wide. I guess he never thought that Devil eye, which is used for the first shot against humans, would be used to destroy the brain. Benjamin-kun let out a dry laugh.


Haha… This is also a horrible use.


Destroying the brain … This will not allow you to live a decent life.


And if you say he fell suddenly and in …… that he was hit on the head and his brain was injured, that would explain a lot.


Both Bartel and Linda looked satisfied, but their smiles were somewhat awkward. I often thought it was a bold move on my part.

Honestly, this is enough of an excuse to get away with it. Mr. Cass had a seizure and collapsed. In doing so, he hit his head on the corner of his desk or on the floor. The brain injury caused by a concussion. This is a good enough explanation.

Casandra tells me with a nod.


Yes, that’s all right, Miss Eleonora. The County of Besjövel is now yours.  We can use this as a stepping stone to destroy your family home, this country, the enemy, and whatever else is wrong with it.


I nodded at her words. Yes, now that Cass the 11th Earl of Besjövel, has fallen it is I, his daughter who will take over the reigns of the family. That is, I am the new lord of Besjövel territory.

This happened on the day when I came over to inherit the house, but what’s happened is happened. There’s nothing to say.

Casandra said to me with a small shrug.


Well, then. We’re going to be careful not to end up in a future where we will be executed as traitors.


Yes, of course!


Yes, my life as Eleonora van der Hulff, as a lord is about to begin. There will be many times when you will exercise Devil eye in it, but it shouldn’t be too obvious or flashy.


First of all, we have to pay back the debts of the territory and we have to improve our lives in the territory. We have much work to do.

Then Stefan came running into the Oval Office. Behind him, you can see a doctor in a white coat.




The doctor is coming in, gentlemen, make way!


Stefan rushes over to Mr. Cass, raising his voice. While he was being carried away on a stretcher brought by the doctor, Cass-san kept jumping up and down like a fish on land.

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