Count Besjövel

Count Besjövel

 Duchess of Destruction volume 1Chapter 9


Linda said nonchalantly as she got out of the carriage and waited for Mr. Benjamin, who had followed the carriage to the side of the pavilion, to return.


This is the Count’s residence.


Wow. ……


I look up at the ruins of what to be called the pavilion and let out a yelp.

The wall, which had crumbled so badly that it could be seen from a distance, has been left in a state of disrepair. The windows were naturally cracked and some were broken. The curtains for example, are so shredded that you can see them from the outside.


It is impossible to believe that this is a lord’s mansion.


The more you look at it, the more abandoned it is.


Well, ……I had heard that Count Besjövel was struggling with his finances, but never thought it to be this extent.


Benjamin said in disgust and Bartel also put his hand on the horns growing out of his head to press them. Even for them, this roughness was unexpected.


That’s just the way it is. I threw a glance next to me Casandra is standing there with a cane, as if nothing is wrong.



I mean, is it okay if Casandra-sensei comes along too? Even if it is the lord’s mansion.


Never mind, never mind. I’ve known kasubo since he was a boy.


I questioned her, but Casandra shook her shoulders as she simply replied.


Even though it’s shabby, it’s still a lord’s house. It would be frightening to see such a dingy old woman enter there, but she didn’t seem to mind.


But who’s that? who is Kassbou, who has a name like Cass?




castirio van der huff the 11th …… Count of Besjövel now. But as expected of you, Casandra-sama, I didn’t realize you knew the previous Count.


Bartel shrugged his shoulders. Okay, it seems that the name is really, really Cass (kasu = scum)”.


Casandra chuckled at Bartel’s words.


When my predecessor was in office, I worked very hard as a member of the royal family. Come on, let’s go in.


Oh, yes.


With that said, Casandra quickly walks towards the door of the pavilion. Mr. Bartel hurried past her and knocked on the door with the knocker. If it’s a lord’s mansion, it would be nice to have one of the guards but they can’t afford to have that kind of manpower. You sure you want to do that? So be it.

The maid of the pavilion responds to the knocking and opens the door to reveal her face.




Excuse me. Eleonora van Oylsterhout and three of her attendants have arrived from the Dukes of Oylsterhout.


When Bartel spoke politely to the maid, who had a doubtful look on her face. she must have understood the situation immediately. She opened the door wide as she straightened her back.


Ha, yes! Please come in. …… Oh?


When she opened the door and the maid’s gaze turned to Casandra, who was standing next to me. Naturally, this maid must have known about her living in Besjövel territory. She’s clearly surprised.


Lady Casandra!


Oh, no, we’re just meeting up conveniently. I’m coming with you.


Saying so, Casandra-san entered the pavilion with us with a familiarity 

We were led straight to the upstairs parlour by the maid. Naturally, Casandra is here with us.


Please wait here. How would you like to stay, Ms. Casandra? If it’s another matter, I can arrange another room for you.


No, no, no, I’m fine right here.


The maid told Casandra with a look of wonder on her face, but Casandra smiled and shook her head. Apparently, she really intends to sit in on our conversation.


The maid leaves the room after smiling annoyed. A few minutes later, a middle-aged man with scrawny cheeks and a luxurious but somewhat frayed appearance, a bit shabby for an aristocrat, appeared. A thin, scale-covered tail extends from his waist.


Regardless of the race this person, who seems to be extremely unhealthy to look at is castirio van derhuff.


Mr. Cass looks at us with a glare and then bows his head reverently,


I’ve been waiting, Miss Eleonora and her attendants…


It’s a pleasure to meet you, Count Besjövel.


At this point, I am still a duchess. I guess we’re on the same side. Cass’s words were respectful and Bartel’s greeting was polite but not condescending.


I bowed and looked up at him and he looked at me as if he wanted to say something. As it is, he gazes at me from head to toe with eyes of split vertically pupils like a snake’s, and the corners of his mouth lift loosely.


Hmm. I heard that she was a witch with lustrous Black eyes, so I wondered how good she could be. …… you are quite a sight to behold.


Well Count, thank you for the compliment.


I smile at Cass-san’s words, covering my mouth with my hand. Already, just between two or three words this shows how discriminatory the existence of “witches” is.


Humans are like that. Bully them if they looked different, keep them away from you, make fun of them if they were ugly. I’m sure he must have underestimated me from the start.


Just as I was getting angry inside, Mr. Bartel took out two scrolls of paper and a small piece of paper then put them on the table. The piece of paper has a few digits, some kind of symbol and someone’s signature in a masterful hand.

Bartel said as he opened the scroll of paper on the table.


Count Besjövel, here is the deed of adoption and the dowry cheque which His Excellency the Duke of Oylsterhout has entrusted to me. If you sign it, Eleonora will be the Earl’s child and the dowry will belong to His Excellency.


As we have already told you, three of her followers will join Master Eleonora in the Van der Hulff household and take care of her personal affairs. I hope you will agree to this and sign the document.


Linda then says as she bows her head to Cass.

I see, so this is how you make a proper written contract and take care of the assumption of identity and the delivery of dowry. It may not be possible to exchange money between bank accounts like on Earth, but it is an exchange of money between nobles. It is easy to imagine that the amount is large.


Cass-san nodded as he picked up the check and checked the face value.


Of course, of course, I promise. …… Hey, get a pen and ink


Yes, sir.


He turned his face to the side and called out to the maid beside him. The maid bowed and left the drawing room, bringing a feather pen and an ink jar. I see, so when you say pen, you mean quill pen after all. It looks hard to write.


Dipping the nib into the inkwell, Mr. Cass writes his signature on the roll of paper. For two of those. One for his own keeping and one for the Duke of Oylsterhout’s.


Is that correct?


Mr. Cass then attached two more rolls of paper exactly together, wrote his signature on them as well and returned one of the scrolls to Mr. Bartel. It seems to be like the allotment seal in Japan. Bartel checks the signature on the scroll, nods and begins to close the scroll.


I’ve confirmed. Well then, ‘Master‘, I look forward to working with you from now on.


Thank you for your time.


After doing so, Bartel and Linda bowed deeply. At the same time, Benjamin, you also bow your head. His eyes flick to me and he sniffs as if he wants to say something.


I don’t need to be told, though. I bowed my head along with him. Looking down at this, Cass-san smiles with satisfaction.


Thank you for the opportunity to meet you ……, but what brings you back here, Casandra?


I’ve been wanting to see the scum (TN: kasu/cass=scum) boy’s face for a long time now.


That’s when Kas’s eyes finally turned to Casandra. Casandra laughs and says, “I’ve been waiting for you to tell me a story.

As it was, Casandra’s wrinkled hand stroked my head.


You want to put this girl’s Devil’s Eye power to good use, too, little scumbag? I’ve been following her for guidance.


Ha ha …… totally, shrewd as ever


Cass smiled dryly at Casandra’s words.


I see what you mean. That’s because a witch would be a nail in the coffin, but a suitably powerful person is brought into the family. If there was no merit on Mr. Kas’s part, there was no way he would have accepted the offer to accept someone.


Casandra also hit that point well. Her background and trustworthiness as a witch is first class, and she will mentor me. If that’s the name of the game, there’s nothing unusual about going in and out of this pavilion.

Anyway, when he was satisfied, Mr. Kas says to us.


Anyway, I’m sure you must be tired from the long trip. I’ve prepared a room for you, why don’t you rest there?


Thank you for your concern, Father.


I smiled loosely at his words as I looked up at him.

From now on, I will be his daughter. The fact that this was the case was something that was very daunting.


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