Recruit Trainig part 2


Newcomer training Part 2


I’ve been writing a lot of serious stories lately.
From here on out, we’re going to go back to the original heart-warming gag comedy.
Also, I’m going to throw in a series of posts to quickly end the training story.




For some reason, we three new employees were brought to the wilderness.

We are now at ……

–I was – I was at a loss.

…… Let’s rewind time a bit.




We were stunned.


Yesterday, I was told that I had passed the exam and that I was cleared to begin my life as an employee of the inn. The innkeeper, “Carla Gryce”, would have said that she was going to start her training today.

But when we woke up in the morning and the three of us went to the rendezvous point to make nice, ……


I was in the wilderness.


I don’t think you know what that means. I don’t know either.


I said “Good morning” to Carla, and the next moment she answered “Good morning”, I was in the wilderness.

I know you might be thinking what I’m saying and I’m so confused that I want to say to whom I’m explaining this to, but it’s true. I want you to believe me.

The other two people who came with me, Carmine Silves, had a kind of distant look on her face and was thinking about something. This is what you call escaping reality. She’ll be back in a while.


The other new employee, “luca Zukunft,” is ……, I don’t know. I have no idea what you’re thinking. I thought I was still good at reading people’s facial expressions with this …….

As expected of the [Princess Yuri of the Hundred Slayers], it’s no mean feat, isn’t it?

Yeah, I didn’t hear luca’s second name, I knew it. The name [Hundred Slayers] is quite famous among female adventurers. I found that out in an episode I heard during the acceptance speech.

Well, I put that aside and of course I raised a protest, or rather a question.


I asked, “Why are we here? I mean, where are we?” and Silves started to reboot and joined in the questioning.「」 I still couldn’t tell if luca was …… just smiling at me.


According to Carla’s story, this is the site of the industrial city of Goldie. Once upon a time, the Demon King, who was on the verge of conquering the world, sent 2,000 demons to Goldie, which said to have been Martai’s base at the time, in order to eliminate Martai’s band of heroes and a fierce battle ensued.


In terms of location, it is located southeast of the royal capital “Krangklang”. Not far from the Clan Reed Mountains, to the south are mountain ranges rich in ore, to the west are majestic rivers flowing from the mountains, and to the east is the Great Sea of the Abyss, where elves are said to live. It looks like a place where many eccentric scientists and researchers moved in and developed as an industrial city because it was rich in nature and resources, but not too crowded.


This is a land that is currently cut off from all other countries, the demons are strong and adventurers rarely come near it, making it a perfect place for training.


I have no idea what part of having strong demons is good for training but I know where this is, so that’s good. The Goldie site is not the kind of place you visit on request, and I’m glad I did. However, that doesn’t change the fact that you were in King’s Landing just a few minutes ago, does it? I’d really like to know what’s going on. ……


In the end, they didn’t tell me. ……

Then you think, what kind of training do they do in a place like this? We thought so, too. That’s why I asked.


What kind of training do you do in a place like this?


Yes, first I need you all to be strong.




I thought, What are you talking about? Really, seriously Is she crazy?

I think it’s very disrespectful to the employer, but I really thought about it.


You’re looking at me with a “why?” look on your face.


Oh yes… Usually this kind of inn training is like practicing greetings like ‘Welcome~’, or the inn’s manual, or something like that, isn’t it?


Yep, there’s nothing wrong with what you’re saying. Of course, each inn has its own training methods but you don’t just start off the first training session by saying, “We’re going to make you stronger,” do you?


We were even discussing last night what kind of training we’re going to have and whether or not we’re going to have a basic greeting practice.


As if to answer my question, Mr. Carla’s explanation began.


Well, normally I would give you that kind of training but I didn’t have that kind of training myself and I didn’t originally want to hire more employees so, I didn’t create any kind of manual ……. Well, I think I’ll make it from now on. ……


I’m absolutely stunned by Carla’s explanation. Because I was surprised that there was no manual in that inn.


When I asked for more information, I was told that they had set rules for during meals and cleaning time but that these rules were for the comfort and safety of their guests and not a manual for the inn. So she had been able to get by with all the on-the-spot responses to visitors and guidance inside the inn.


The response of Carla is organized at a very high level, so I am sure that the training of manuals and manners will be strict said luca who had visited this inn many times last night and spoke enthusiastically, it is even more so because we were also fired up.


So I think you’ll have to deal with the greetings and so, on the spot. I hope that you will learn the bare minimum of the rules and then you will be free to do as you please and here’s why we need you to be strong.


As I said when I recruited, an innkeeper has to be strong to survive. We’ll be fighting roughnecks, etc. ……


there are many reasons but apart from that, there is one simple reason why we need you to become stronger. ……


Is self-defense another reason?


The rebooted Sylvie asks back without a pause. I think this girl is pretty solid for two names: …….


Yes. Um, there’s one chair here.


Saying that, Carla pulled out a chair out of nowhere. The chair is slim, but not so slim that it hides behind Mr. Carla. Where the hell did you really take it from?


Is that …… the chair at the inn?


I’m not sure how to explain it to you, but I’m sure she’ll be able to explain it to me. “Where did you get it from!!?”I spoke inwardly. as if nothing had happened, Luca asked it. No, no, no, plunge into the fact that the chair has come out of nowhere…


You’re right. This is a chair in the dining room of our inn. Now, Rique Can you carry this chair?


ah, ahh


What do you mean? It wouldn’t be a problem if I could just carry a chair separately.


Thinking so, I put my hand on the chair to lift it lightly. It is an ordinary chair made of wood, which can be found anywhere. If it is this extent, it is like this, Karu ~ Ku …?




……!!! heavy!!!!!!


What’s this? It’s so heavy!


You see, this is why we need you to be strong outside of self-defence.


Carla’s voice rang out. 




This is a bad one. ……

As I wrote in the preface.

I’ve finished writing the training story, so…

I’m going to throw a bit of a streak. 
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