Recruit Training part 3


Newcomer training Part 3


–Continue the pitching–.



I know you’re probably wondering how heavy a single chair can be, but I can’t help but be surprised.


In addition, that wasn’t the only surprise in Carla’s explanation that still continued.


I’m going to walk you through the exchange from the chair on wards in order.


  1. The chair is heavy because it is made of magic metal.
  2. That the inn is not only the chairs but also the walls, windows, and even the sheets are all made of magical metals, disaster-designated grade magical beasts and divine beasts.
  3. That all of them are made to weigh the same as mere wood or cloth by magical tools.
  4. That Carla does the supply of magic power to the magical tools every day.
  5. From now on, we must help supply the magic power.
  6. 2500 MP is required to supply magic power once. (There should only be 999 max points ……)
  7. That you can raise your MP to 9999 points by using a technique called Limit Breakthrough. It’s going to change the way the world thinks.) 


“Come on, let’s become strong.” she said.


no no no wait wait Calm down.

For the time being…

Yes!? What’s that!? What is breaking through the limit?!

It would be impossible not to be surprised.

The world has rules. The rules that God has set.


Humans should be able to live for a hundred years at most and even elves who are immortal, actually age and die in thousands of years. It’s the natural order of things.

999 HP is the max and the same for MP, STR and other ability values are maxed at 100. This should be the same for every creature, a law of the determined world.

Rarely, it is said that dragons and other kind of out-of-this-world things exceed that limit, but I don’t know if that’s true or not. This is because no one has ever been able to find out.

What did the woman in front of me say now!? Didn’t you just say, ‘If you break through the limit, you can do it,’ as a matter of course!? Can you really do that!!? …… Oh, and I just forgot to add a character.


Even though the three of us were all surprised, Ms. Carla’s explanation went on and on. Stop it already, because Sylvie is too shocked to return to reality. ……


After that, a parade of stories that broke the conventional wisdom. I thought I knew that Carla was superior but I guess I only scratched the surface of what I knew about superior.


We take a short break and begin to organize the information for the moment. My head felt like it was going to explode from the overload of information, but I managed to hold it together. Also, apparently, Sylvie managed to stay conscious. We rejoiced in each other’s survival behind each other’s backs. After all, even unreadable Luca, was staring at the sky and gaping her mouth open. During a short pause, we butt heads once more and share with each other the information we have just gained from the explanation. By sharing information with each other, we managed to calm each other down.

……, but from this point on, it was a parade of shocks that went even further than before.


They talked about magic (Time magic for recovery magic? Is that the divine magic that only the Clan Gods can use?), this and that at the inn (they said something about cleaning time), and about the Clan Gods (Is that true? Please tell me it’s not true!). The temple will be on to us!


We were puzzled, but Carla said something to us.


I have told you all this because I trust you. Any information leaked could cause chaos in the world, so please take it to your own grave.


The air of the place becomes heavy at once by a word of Ms. Carla.

I mean, sylvie is already trying to put her foot in the grave! Something like white smoke like two sylvie heads rises from her mouth…!! She’s missing the soul!!!!


I hurriedly brought the soul back and managed to save the day.

After that, I guess everyone had given up or they were just looking for ingredients as usual. This Goldie site is extremely rich in resources, as it has been untouched by man for many years. Let’s call it the Goldie Wilderness because it’s a pain in the ass.

Each of us encountered demons but returned home after fighting them off without a scratch. After all, everyone seems to have a solid ability in their own right.


At this point, it was around noon. We chose a few dishes from the ingredients we had gathered and Carla made something impromptu but filling enough to fill us up and we all tucked into it together.


From there, I explained things again. For someone who said, please be strong she didn’t even train, let alone cultivate. If this kind of thing could push the limits of what we can do, we would have broken the limits long ago.


Um… we are not going to do any training?


I’m not sure if you’re asking…


Can you wait a little longer? He’s running a little late.


That’s all I’m going to say.

What’s going to come? We started the meeting, which has become a regular event for the three of us.


It must have been only 20 to 30 minutes.

The most important thing to do is to make sure that you have a good understanding of what you’re doing and how you’re doing it. About the same time, Carla’s tweet, “Finally, ……,” and


Hey there, Carla. It took me a while to put on my makeup.


The voice.

With anticipation, we turned around and there He was, indeed the One who had been called to train us.


The person has crimson eyes even redder than bright red rubies, taller than me, taller than the tallest of women, bulged out where it needed and retracts where it retract, lustrous black like the colour of a raven’s wet feathers,……

It was a huge dragon, but …….


Oh, wait, wait, wait. Hmm. Okay, okay, this must be a dream. Earlier, she said something about ‘my makeup~’ and so on.

Once I turn my attention back to sylvie and the others, the three of us hahaha and laugh at each other. I don’t know why but I think the laughter is getting dry, including mine. Then, after a little escape from reality we nodded to each other  It was a dragon, wasn’t it?‘ and ready to go for another d…….


Oh, people. This is [Fafnir], who is familiar by [The Evil Dragon Who Lost His Name] and [The Fallen Dragon Emperor], who will be in charge of this training. he is “Fafnir“, who is said to have lost his name but has a firm name but feel free to call him “Fab“.  Oh, I’m not accepting questions about why the f’s are changed to b’s, etc. Remember that Mr. ‘Fab’ said it was okay to be called ‘Fab’. Still, “Fab” you were late. …… giggle giggle giggle.


I was smashed to the ground as soon as I was ready …….


More importantly, the [Fallen Dragon Emperor] isn’t it some legendary creature that only appears in fairy tale heroic stories!

Then we all turn around at once, where.

In front of you is a huge dragon with a vicious face.


Listen, I don’t want you to be late. I can forgive you if you were late because you were helping people but how long did it take you to do your makeup? You’re still the former Dragon Emperor, you need to have a little more time to spare!


Yes, I’m sorry!


There was the expressionless Carla scolding the dragon. 


The next one is the last of the training. 
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